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  1. Hello Navy04,

    I'm following up on a post and a long thoughtful post you gave to another Veteran much appreciated. 

    I was reading this one: 

    The comment about when you received a denial for about 10 contentions you just turned around and opened a new claim with the same evidence so hopefully the rater(same or differen?) would actually read everything you submit. I just had this happen and because of my right arm which is SC now I'm having a hard time using the PC to read and write and even sit(back/neck)SC etc. So I contacted a local law firm which works with veterans and claim denials etc. for a solid NOD.  I'm curious, and as a DYI Vet also, my first claim got me to 50% and I thought it was equitable, but now learning and reading the rating codes and secondaries and HADIT and it's members has made me becoms more informed. They are trying to deny me out of what I believe I deserve. So my question is when you went back to eBefits route and re-submitted your claim with all the same info they did not re-open the just denied claim? That has me confused. I'm trying to avoid the whole protracted appeals and years of needless waiting. 

    Thanks in advance.


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