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  1. Thanks Free spirit! You rock! I've drafted a letter to the VARO which I'll send out tomorrow, (certified return receipt and all that jazz). I'll also put in an IRS inquiry about the review of my c-file.
  2. Actually, the request WAS for a review... not a copy. The Atlanta VARO is usually quite willing to give you a copy... of anything I've ever asked for before that is, when you are sitting there politely asking for one. ;)
  3. Thaks girl! I was hoping you'd pop it and contribute some solid info! As ALWAYS, I appreciate your help and insight! :)
  4. 63S, it appears you are quite frustrated with the VA, and you probably have every right to be.... but let me ask you something; did it feel good to get all snarky with ME? If so, that's great, I'm happy to help you vent, but really, that line above... helps no one but you. I do thank you for the info from the link that Free-spirit provided... I knew I had read the 90 days requirement somewhere before.
  5. John.... I DID put it in writing! I don't think there is "no time frame"... I think its 90 days, but I was looking for some one who might actually know. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Thank you for the additional info... I do appreciate the feedback.... is anyone able to answer my question? Namely, is there a TIME LIMIT by which the law requires them to provide me with either a copy of the c-file or allow me to review it? As for asking them for it multiple times, and "they don't like to give it to you"..... I don't give a good g*d damn if they like it or not! THE LAW requires them to provide me with one copy and I WILL have that copy!
  7. Anyone know how long the VA has to achedule an appointment for you to review your c-file? It's been well over 90 days since I went to the VARO and asked to do so and still nothing from them. Meanwhile, they made a decision (which I will be appealing), does this mean I have to go back and ask to review the c-file again? So confusing... Thanks for any help!
  8. Well, MY condition is akin to permanent sesamoiditis... I ALWAYS walk on the outside of my foot... because of pain in the joint. There was never just "inflammation" of the joint in my case, (prior to the surgery) the bone was shattered due to the teletype crushing the toe of the boot and driving the steel (where it creased the steel toe) into the bone right at that joint... so I felt sharp pains where the shattered bone kept poking the nerve, along with the inflammation of the joint, etc... Now, the joint aches all the time, some days its worse than others, because if I have to walk very far, climb a lot of steps or stand on my feet for any length of time then that joint gets really sore and sometimes there's more pain than ache. AND, if the gyno had looked at my flip flops she could have (and WOULD have) seen where the outside of my "shoes" were worn and the inside, the is very little disturbance of the sole pattern, clearly, it shows where I have been walking on the OUTSIDE of my foot. But, oh no, we can't take a look at THOSE! After all, they're just flip flops and how do we know those are YOURS? (where's the rolled eyes thingy when you need it?)
  9. Ok so I read pdf you linked to and I don't qualify. I didn't serve during the Persian Gulf war.
  10. Huh! Well, I dunno what my DD214 says, but I'll certainly check! And, it SHOULD have been granted! So sorry you and your husband had to go through this!
  11. Wow, that sounds totally insane! I didn't know we were entitled to ANY further dental care after getting out. lol... the rumors of my not wearing my own shoes have been greatly exaggerated!
  12. Chuck75: I didn't know that the Atlanta VARO uses VAMC NPs & PAs... all of my C&P exams have been with QTC doctors and they've all been doctors. Free: I guess the BVA is daring the Vet to go to the courts in these cases.... its crazy!
  13. Lord, that's AWFUL. So sorry you went through that. If it gets that far (and I pray that it doesn't), I'll hire attorneys.
  14. Wow, what a jackass that doctor was! Unbelievable!
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