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  1. My wife was sick and tired of repeating herself so she insisted I go to the VA. It was no secret that my hearing was bad. Failed tests at work every year. I worked on the flight deck of a carrier from 88'.-92'. SO I went. I did some research online and it seems that a vet rated higher then 0% for hearing loss is as rare as hens teeth. I was actually denied for my hearing even though I show hearing loss within the VA criteria. It seems that My exit hearing test in 1992 showed no hearing loss..... I don't recall taking an exit test. Has anyone here actually been successful in clai
  2. I have very low testorsterone levels. So much so that I have testosterone pellets implanted in my hip once every 4 months. But I don't think this is related to my days in the Navy.
  3. I posted my test results and discussed the possiblityof an appeal in this thread: but, what am I entitled to being rated at 20% that i wasn't entitled to as just a veteran? Am I supposed to have an ID card? What about........
  4. My insomnia is due to my ears ringing constantly. It is hard to sleep, especially if i don't have a fan or TV on. Voc Rehab, as I understand it, is simular to vocational education... I am not interested in changing careers but thanks for the reply.
  5. Hello,\ I was recently rated at 20% for tinnitus and insomnia. I was denied for hearing loss even though I can't hear squat and I worked on the flight deck of a carrier my whole time in the Navy. But, I already posted questions about that and got some great informative reponses. I just got my information packet explaining why I was rated where i was rated but it doesn't explain anything else at all. I guess what I am asking is where do I go from here, and what am I entitled to now that i wasn't entitled to as just a veteran?
  6. I got my packet back and it does say I have HL according to VA standards. But it also says my exit hearing test showed no hearing loss. As I said before, I do NOT remember taking ANY hearing test upon exiting. I requested all my medical records and they should be here in a few weeks. Thanks for all the responses.
  7. Also, I have heard that when a person appeals the decision, that person's compensation is frozen until the appeal process is complete. Which I am sure take just about forever. Is this true? Also, since I am asking such newbie questions, I have another totally off the wall one..... I am an avid hunter and shooter. I love all things firearms, i work in the law enforcement field and own many rifles and handguns. When I first applied to the VA in January there was plenty of talk about veterans who have depression/ anxiety losing their 2nd amend. rights and deemed a danger to others. .. altho
  8. carlie and Boomer2, Thanks for the responses, Not 100% sure what my speech score was but If i remember correctly is was higher than 92%. I have been waiting all week for my packet in snail mail. I will post when i get that info. Thanks.
  9. Oh, and yes, I do have a record of my hearing test from work from the past 5 years.,
  10. Right Ear 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 10 10 25 45 45 55 50 Left Ear 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 15 15 25 40 40 50 40 I don't see how I can be denied hearing loss. The examiner confirmed on the report that I have "sensorineural hearing loss" in both ears at the 500 to 4000 range. He then confirms my continual exposure to loud noises ont he flight deck and THEN states that the HL was NOT caused by a result of a military event... Pretty obvious this guy has never been on a flig
  11. Not sure what I am entitled to as of yet. Like I said, I haven't recieved my packet in the mail yet. All the info I have is from ebenefits...... I have a feeling they do not want to put me into the 30% and higher category.. I certainly hope I am eligible for a hearing aid. That was the whole purpose of going to the VA from the get go.
  12. New to the site but been lurking for a while. I served in the Navy from 88'-92'. I worked on the flight deck of a carrier the whole time. ( catapults). Last year the wife decided she had just about enough of repeating herself so she pretty much demanded I go to the VA. Long story short, I was awarded 20%. 10% for Tinnitus and 10% for insomnia due to the tinnitus. ( according to ebenefits) . I have yet to receive my award packet though. However, I did not receive anything for my hearing loss and that was the reason for going in the first place. The examiner claims that I had no hearing
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