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  1. My claim was put in 2 months after being released from the vamc hospital after being inpatient for 5 days due to my iron deficiency anemia going to 7.3 hemoglobin levels , I was dizzy , shortness of breath , fatigued, and tachycardia. I could not even hold my head up. I received 2 blood transfusions my level was 9.8 when i left the hospital, I was anemic in the service but when I got my denial letter it said something funny. " Service Connection denied because the medical record fails to show that this disability has been clinically diagnosed. The evidence does not show a current diagnosed disability. Va examiner noted that your iron deficiency ( anemia) has resolved." I'm so confused about what to do. I was in the vamc for 5 days and they had to raise my iron tablets to 3 times a day but it says I'm not diagnosed but its resolved. Can someone tell me what the va disability rater wants me to do next to prove my case.
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