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  1. This is a letter I sent to the legal office that wrote the article listed below. They only offer assistance to active duty, retirees and their family Thanks for all the replies Special Consideration for legal aide for 100% PT Disabled Veteran for MD Property Tax Exemption Retroactive Payments Hello, I'm a Marine Corps 100% Permanent and Total Veteran and live in Maryland and I recently received my decision from the Board of Veteran Affairs(BVA)backdating my Permanent and Total effective date to November, 28 2013. I asked the Treasurer of the County to send retroact
  2. The full code section of my my county is below https://codes.findlaw.com/md/tax-property/md-code-tax-prop-sect-7-208.html
  3. I was awarded PT in January 2018 while I was pending appeal with the BVA for an earlier effective date. March 2019 my claim was granted and my PT effective date was awarded to November 2013 according to my ebenifits letter section. So I wanted my Maryland property tax exemption to retro back to my newly awarded PT date. So I emailed my Tax office and the person stated that she couldn't give me a refund and only the Treasurer could and she even quoted the code section that she thought might do the trick(down below). It took a week for the Treasurer to respond back and he told me he won't iss
  4. Just found out that my 100% property Tax is not truly exempt. I Have to pay $1200 a year for 10 years for some BS County school excise tax for new construction homes. Any other state/county Claim’s exemption for PT veterans but the fine print has them paying additional money? I also pay $100 a year for an environment waste fee, which I heared is standard.
  5. Can't believe that I'm 100% Permanent and Total. With VA jerking me around for all these years, but without the help from Hadit I wouldn't be here. The fight continues at the BVA level to hold on to what I've got, but now I can rest a little easier. The property Tax Exemption and the free Dependent Tuition is what my injuries deserved and that is what I was pushing for. I've seen Rheumatologist, Podiatrist, Vascular Surgeons, General Doctors, VA Doctors Nurse Practitioners, combined, with hundreds of pages of medical evidence along with buddy statements to help solidify my case. If you look
  6. Thanks. My RFE CP Exam was for my Raynauds. But the NP examined my raynauds and on all my frostbite injuries which include my nose and ears which are the ones up for appeal. I was told when you have a cp exam for one condition they tend to examine all your other conditions while you’re there. I got a 100% back in the summer and my chapter 35 benifits were held up due to pyramiding, they scheduled a Future Exam on my rating sheet. If they up my rating on my nose and ears the pyramiding wouldn’t be a factor.
  7. I’m at the BVA level on my Appeal. I just got an RFE (Request Future Exam) CP exam done through VES.. if the RO increases my ratings per CP exam, what would happen to my appeal? Is there law or guidelines for when the RO changes rating during a pending appeal, through the BVA? Thanks
  8. It’s New Years and my rep’s office is closed. Thanks for the link dealing with the 90 day letter. I wonder why that would trigger a new compensation claim.. I have been giving my rep updates on my VA appointments since it’s been at the appeal stage for the past 3 1/2 Years, I wonder if that’s part of the 90 day argument.
  9. My appeal is certified to BVA and my rep stated something about a 90 day argument. I logged on to ebenifits and noticed that a new compensation claim was submitted along with updated date on movement on my appeal.. anybody knows what this means? Thank You
  10. I wish I can send you my award but I’m on vacation and I dont have access to none of my documents. I have cold injury disabilities and they said my rayuads is pyramiding my frostbite so once they sever my raynauds I will be back at 90% again. But my appeal is to increase cold injury to my ears and nose which would make removal of the raynuads a non factor. I have “impaired sensation” that was documented in the original C&P and in the new IMO but for some reason the VA doesn’t want the give it to me which would go from 10% to 20% ears, nose. If I’m drop back to 90% and put back to 100% the
  11. The new IMO was cited in the SOC and they still said no "objective medical evidence". I'm increasing ears, nose from 10% to 20%
  12. My SOC stated that there was no "objective medical evidence". But we gave New And Material evidence which included an IMO from a specialist. MY form 9 basically said that the SOC is not accurate because we gave the IMO in the NOD.
  13. thanks for all your help, I was stricky going off from what my lawyer said and M28R, Part I I I, Section C, Chapter 3 stated.. I don't have my decision available right now to put it up here.. VA Form 9 appeal 28R-2FPart_III-2FM28R_III_C_3.pd page 12.pdf
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