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  1. Interesting, I am rated 60% for GERD => Hiatal Hernia, and diagnosed with anemia. I had a stress test for chest pain, but Doctor said my heart was fine, but I am still having chest pain. I've been thinking it might be something to do with my lungs, just a pain to the right side of my chest.
  2. GERD - Gastro esophageal reflux disease, I've read that some Veterans have been successful service connecting OSA to GERD. So I wonder if it is possible to claim Sleep Apnea secondary to both PTSD and GERD? I am amazed how hard it is to get sleep doctors to do an IME. USMC_HVEQ, did you have any luck at the VetCenter?
  3. I understand Doctors being asked to determining my level of disability, but they don't know anything about my work history or employment. The VA raters are able to find out if I am employed or unemployed so why as Doctors?
  4. I just don't understand how VA raters expect C&P Doctors to determine if a Veteran can maintain substantial employment, I thought that was a raters job?
  5. Hello 71M10, You asked about low hemacrit (anemia)? is GERD related to sleep apnea? I am rated for both GERD and PTSD and have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Can sleep apnea be secondary to both GERD and PTSD?
  6. So today makes the one month mark since my verbal award from VA(VA agreed 100% P&T, with SMC(S)+(K)), but no changes to ebenefits yet. It amazes me how many years have gone by since I started my claim, and these last few weeks seem like an eternity. I hope to see something soon, ebenefits update, rating letter. I did get an IME last week for PTSD, sleep apnea, and TBI. I just don't trust the VA, or their verbal award. I am just moving forward and collecting the pieces, not being denied again.
  7. Sorry for my delayed response, been doing a lot of VA hospital testing.
  8. You have fourteen years invested, I definitely would seek a smooth exit. So what happens if you keep working and your 100% P&T?
  9. DOE sounds like a good job! I'd hold onto if you can. I've heard different views about being rated PTSD 100% P&T and employment, anyone else know the regulations?
  10. Congrats! your claim was hauling by VA standards. Could you tell us what your claims were?
  11. I now know the importance of C&Ps but my PTSD had me really jacked up at the time. Looking back there was much done wrong by both me and the VA, and I am just wondering if its worth making it right now. Its not all about the money, but making the VA do the right thing!
  12. It was my fault back in 2008 that I did not fight it, but I am amazed the VA uses this as the reason to deny now! I've been going back over old rating letters searching for past reasons I was denied, and 2008 rating decision is used over and over. I think I'll file a CUE on all the way back to 2004!
  13. It just seems logical that if I have sleep disturbances that maybe its led to sleep apnea. My rating letter is a work of contradictions!
  14. Wow, sounds like the VA put you through the ringer! I am getting an IME - Sleep apnea, TBI. Both have been diagnosed but denied service connection. I am amazed how the VA overlooks evidence.
  15. Hadit.com has the smartest Vets online and I could use some more advice! So in 2008 I had a C&P I was unable to attend and called the C&P office and asked to have it rescheduled. About three weeks later I received a denial letter stating I had cancelled my C&P and therefore could not be examined. I didn't fight it and figured I'd take care of it later. So years later I reopened my claim with new evidence and was denied based on the 2008 decision. I am really confused how asking to have a C&P rescheduled can be the bases for all future denials. How to I fix this
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