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  1. thanks everyone, I certainly don't know the lingo but I am curious, about what my letter says. (PTSD)(combined into one)( with Anxiety, Depression and Sleep Disorders) You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities: Yes Will I have to take more exams in the future? Should I also apply for what ever the Social Security benefit is? Is there anything else that I need to do? - and asknod your math is exactly right. 92%, I assume the PTSD was the big one that pushed it over. Geez, I was so burned out at the end of m
  2. One more update, for military active and recently retired, I just received my rating, If you read through this fairly short thread maybe it could help you. I retired last year, Dec 2014. At 6 months prior I filed my BDD claim based on Carlie's advice. My claim was submitted through a DAV SO in June 2014, I retired Dec 2014 so it took about one year, although if you consider from retirement it only took 4 months. I guess that's not bad. I'm very happy with my rating and wanted to throw out a thanks to Carlie, all the info from NavyWife, and of course, Berta, and so many on this site
  3. Update on my VA adventure so far. Hopefuly some current and future vet will read this and use this information. Finally retired from the Army as of this month. Moved to TN. A few days after I retired, I called the VA help number from VA.gov "Contact us" phone numbers. They referred me to the Meharry Med college/center in Nashville to enroll into VA Healthcare. After I found the business deskthere, the nice lady informed me that I needed to go to the Vanderbuilt VA center just down the road. After I found that place, (it's a huge building with a monster sign out front), I walked in an
  4. Well said Carlie, Toyotafan, you earned it, do want you want with it. Best of luck you. JMHO.
  5. C&P Exam of mental health and eyes completed last week. Scheduled by QTC services and conducted by a fully qualified Dr. of Nuero-Psychology. Psych was pleasant, asked about my history, my childhood, my service, combat experiences, my treatment history, my medications, and diagnoses. Very pleasant lady, I felt it went fairly well and lasted about an hour. Eyes exams were standard eye tests with a full dialation. Finishing the rest of the exams this next week. Will post more.
  6. I agree for the Vietnam vets. But as far as counceling, it really wasn't that great. They don't tell you that much. They do tell you about the VA website and hand out a Federal Benefits books. I found out about the BDD program through this website (Carlie recommended it, the very same Carly up above this post.) ) and a lot of my own research. Unfortunately, the WWWeb wasn't in place for you guys. Even so, the current vets have to self motivate themselves to get the benefits they deserve. Luckily we have a very good NSO in my area that is more than willing to give you a lot of tips and i
  7. Hi everyone, I've been away from this forum for a while but wanted to say thanks for the help, support and information I gained by reading the quality responses and about others experiences. I filed for a BDD at exactly the 6 month before retirement day. I'm at the 3 month mark and recieved a call from QTC medical services on Monday and during that one single phone call, the lady told me she had me scheduled the same week for all of my C&P exams... starting on the 21st of Aug 2014. Wow, within the next week I'll get a hearing, x-rays/MRI, Mental Health, eyes, and a few others comple
  8. Yes, just be honest and be prepared to discuss exactly what is bothering you. The Psych should guide you through the process. My interview was easy, I just answered a bunch of his questions and he diagnosed me with PTSD in about 10 minutes. We spent the next 30 minutes talking about my history of deployments, combat, family, work, troubles, etc. He'll make the appropriate recommendations after the session. Thanks for your service. I've been in PTSD treatment for about 2 years now and it definitely helped me. There are a lot of options and you can influence and choose which type of tr
  9. Present. 1 month to go before I start my claim, BDD. Great site, I try to visit every day. Thanks much for keeping it going and everyone participating.
  10. Lurking this site a lot. Recommended this site to 3 Vets I know so far. I get credit for the last post for Feb. Ha!
  11. Great post, thanks for sharing news. We all learn a bit more when people share so thanks and congrats.
  12. usdart, I'm a new member around here but, harsh or not, stick with it and get the claim together with the county VA, VFW or VSO or with anyone you can find that has some experience filing claims. Read the excellent advice from this site, and get what you deserve from the VA. I personally know 3 Nam vets who were over 65 before they discovered they were eligible for benefits so it's never too late. Thank you for your service.
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