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  1. Thank you all for the responses! It is a bit frustrating....what really concerns me though is if things are missed up now what is going to happen when the AF cuts 25k Airmen and who knows how many from the Nave, Marines and Army? The letters went out this week in the AF. Even still, I'm thankful to be have been able to serve! Thanks again.
  2. Within the last year my disability rating was increased to 40%. Of course this amount allows dependents to be considered in the payment amount. After getting notice of the rate increase, I applied to be compensated for the new monthly amount with dependents. Its been about nine months and I haven't heard anything. I was married and had my family while I was on active duty. My main question is .... if the decision is made for recognize my dependents, will I receive any back pay for the dependents? Thank you very much for your help!
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