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  1. It is disturbing, but I am wondering what the likely hood of this taking effect really is. I'm very concerned that if this happens,veterans will loose their houses, cars, or worse. I cannot believe how this country's politicians can wave the American flag and say we support veterans, but are always looking for ways to take earned benefits away from veterans. Recently in the news you hear the outcry about paying college athletes a compensation for playing sports or to cover injuries. What about veterans? Shouldn't they receive benefits for injuries while serving their country without the constant worry of a politician wanting to take it away?
  2. Does anyone on here have knowledge or information on the likelihood of concurrent receipt being eliminated? I read an article about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) considering eliminating concurrent receipt being paid to veterans who have retired with 20 or more years; and receives disability pay will no longer receive disability pay if approved. I find this to be very disturbing considering how hard most veterans had to fight to get this earned benefit. I posted the article link below. Any insight would be helpful. http://www.cbo.gov/budget-options/2013/44744
  3. Congratulations and I wish you all the best! I'm in a battle with the VA now.
  4. I am mad beyond words right now at the incompetence of the VA. I received my C&P exam results via certified mail for hypertension, and the readings listed are as follows: 152/96, 154/92, 154/90. These numbers are not correct. I saw all my numbers during the exam, which had a diastolic over 100 on all 3 measurements. However, they listed the dates of all three BP measurements being taken on 4/8/14 which is impossible. The reason being is that my C&P exam was on 4/9/14 not 4/8/14 so there is no way those could be my readings. I am thinking the VA examiner must have gotten confused and input someone else's numbers from that date. This now leads me to reason why the rater denied my increase. My question is how do I go about getting this adjudicated in the right manner?
  5. Thanks Tired Coastie, my RO is a 2.5 hour drive from my home. The thing is...is that if I make that drive to my RO...what will my chances be that they would even bother to help, or worse request that I leave without any service? I hear where your coming from TC, but I'm hoping to get my C&P results sooner than the 4-6 weeks which the VA guy stated to me. Maybe I'm just being a little too pollyannaish about getting those C&P results in hand.
  6. Congratulations on your claim!
  7. DH, as TiredCoasite stated, keep after them. I know how you feel in regard to the 5103 with the VA stating that they never received it. If I contact the VA 1-800 number the person acknowledges that they did receive my verbal response, which is documented in their computer. However, ebennies states they never received it. Currently, I am waiting for a hard copy of my C&P results, and then I am appealing on the fact that VA admits to receiving evidence that my doctor has me on BP medication and that my BP readings taken three times at C&P averaged 146/102, which was verbalized to me by the VA examiner. I also saw the three different readings. I want them to explain to me how "We reviewed the evidence received and determined your service-connected condition(s) hasn't/haven't increased in severity to warrant a higher evaluation". This is so hard to understand on 1. I am on medication now, and 2. my readings have gone up since the initial C&P exam. Anyhow, take care of your family, yourself, and take this one day at a time. Best of luck to you.
  8. First, I want to offer a shoutout of gratitude and thanks to you 'Tired Coastie' for the advice and encouragement you have provided. Trying to maneuver through the VA can be a daunting task...especially at times when going at this alone. I have spent so many hours reading books on learning VA process, and trying to do things correctly. I consider myself a newbie on this site and have already found a plethora of information here. I requested my C&P results today at the local VA clinic and the guy said I would receive a copy of it via mail within 4-6 weeks. Once I get that in hand, I will take your advice and submit an informal request using IRIS and see what happens. I believe the initial shock and disappointment is slowly starting to wear off, and now its time to rollup the sleeves and get back to work on this claim. I do understand the piece of keeping everything/writing professional and refraining from speculation. Anyhow, once I get the C&P results I will follow up. God bless all the Veterans and their families and may justice prevail for us all.
  9. I feel so empty and at a loss for words. I truly feel that the VA has made an egregious mistake on my rating. They have basically stated that they are keeping my rating for hypertensionn at 0% because they feel based on the evidence that my hypertension has stayed basically the same. I am currently on BP medication as before I was not. I had a recent C&P exam with three different readings averaging 146/102 stated to me by the VA examiner. If you look at my previous posts, I think any reasonable person can see that my hypertension is clearly not the same as the initial readings. My civilian doctor states that I am on a continuous mediation for control of my BP/hypertension, which the VA states they received from this doctor. The only thing I don't have is a copy of my C&P exam results from the VA examiner, which I plan on requesting. The VA examiner verbalized to me that all my BP readings were in the 140's/100's with an average of 146/102. I attempted to post a copy of my VA rating letter that I received today in the mail, but this website stated that I am not allowed to post an image extension on this website. (Maybe I copy pasted this wrong...If anyone knows how to properly copy and paste to this site let me know) I am in desperate need of helpful advice from anybody who wishes to help. I don't want to quit, but I feel so down and lost right now after waiting so long and getting a blow like this!
  10. When you log in to ebenefits 1. Click 'access my documents' tab, 2. Click 'Download VA letters' 3. Click 'Benefit Verification'...this will generate the AB8 letter giving you your overall percentage. (Note: the letter will not have AB8 typed on it.) Hope this helps.
  11. I used the had it.com calculator and if I add 10% to it...it takes my overall rating to 67.195. I believe that should have rounded to 70%. So that leads me to think they denied my increase for hypertension, which does not corolate to their own policy in rating of Diastolic pressure predominantly 100 or more, or; systolic pressure predominantly 160 or more, or; minimum evaluation for an individual with a history of diastolic pressure predominantly 100 or more who requires continuous medication for control - 10. My average BP readings at C&P exam with medication was 146/102. I'm at a loss right now, but will take your advice and contact my POA (American Legion) to see if they can offer some insight to this. Blessings to everyone on this beautiful Easter Sunday!
  12. Congratulations on receiving a favorable decision! Hopefully you will get all that well deserved retro pay in a timely manner.
  13. Update: I received my C&P exam on 4/9/2014. I'm currently taking medication for hypertension and the VA took three readings which the doctor averaged to be 146/102. I was serviced connected with a 0% rating for hypertension in Aug/2006 with readings of 122/98, 126/96/132/94, 138/100, 130/96/, and 124/92. I was not on blood pressure medications at that time. I checked ebenefits today and my claim showed complete on 4/17/2014. I checked my Ab8 letter and it is the same. I guess this could mean several things, (1.) they denied my increase, or (2.) they have not updated ebenefits. I know I will be getting the brown envelope within 10 days which will give me my answer. With my AB8 letter not showing an increase, it makes me think they possibly denied my increase. I'm also thinking with Easter this weekend and my claim showing closed on 4/17/14, maybe a lot of VA folks took Good Friday off and they did not have time to update my AB8 letter.Does anybody have any clues or thoughts...oh, and Happy Easter to everybody!!!
  14. Thanks for the advice Berta. I did submit an IRIS inquiry which I received a reply back stating that they have contacted my regional office for verification of my claim status. They further state that once they receive a reply to their request , they will contact me via US mail to advise me of their findings. The weird part of this process was that I wanted them to contact me by email, and when I put my email into IRIS it said that this email already exists...because it is mine from a previous inquiry. So, I had to submit my home address for correspondence reply's...ugh! Navy04...that is hilarious! I just might have to start sending an IRIS weekly myself. I Thank you both for responding with such good advice. I will respond again when I hear more back.
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