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  1. I was successful with getting 100% P&T at the RO level by requesting a De Novo review. Below is a summary of how this was done: 1- I filled a claim and was denied at the RO level. 2- Sent NOD with two Nexus letters. The RO cued themselves and granted 40%. 3- Sent NOD with three Nexus letters and requested a De Novo review. The DRO at the RO cued themselves again and granted 100% P&T. The second NOD took 15 months and 7 days to get 100% P&T. Nexus letters are the most important key to winning a claim. All this was accomplished at the RO level.
  2. I am 100% P&T. I have no other SC %. My Wife and I submitted two vA FORM JUN 2008 21-2680 along with two Nexus letters; One nexus letter for each vA form 21-2680 submitted. Five months later Aid & Attendance (L) was granted. I composed the vA form and Nexus letters and my two private doctors (non vA) signed off with no hesitation. vA doctors may help, but probably not. The big surprise was not being forced to do C&P exams. The vA did call to schedule C&P exams, but I told them I could no longer travel 200 miles in a car. MyHealteVet showed vA doctors reviewed the two 21-2680 forms and Nexus letters, and did not disagree. Five months later I got SMC (L).
  3. Can we get travel pay?

    When I went for C&P exams with QTC they gave me a check for travel pay; after the exam was completed. The QTC office I went to was not located in the VAMC. Apparently C&P travel pay is handled differently depending on which State or VISN one lives in.
  4. DIC & for carlie spouse?

    38 CFR 3.22 - DIC benefits for survivors of certain veterans rated totally disabled at time of death. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/38/3.22 I hope this link to 38 CFR 3.22 - DIC benefits for survivors, can be helpful and useful.
  5. Praying for Carlie and Lucy. May God bless them both.
  6. ILP and 2nd 100% Schedular Ratings

    A very big Congratulations to you Sir Nod. Over 21 years fighting the vA; and it is finished. I am very happy for you.
  7. Cabela's gives great (double) discounts to Vet's. Cabela's will give a Vet two discounts at checkout. During checkout request a Veterans discount; then use a Cabela's credit card and get another discount automatically. Cabela's didn't ask for a VA ID card either. (Important) Ask for the Veterans discount before they start scanning; because they can't go back and apply the discount after they scanned in the products for purchase. Also, IHOP grants a discount to Vet's on request. They didn't ask for a VA ID card either. In Liberty.
  8. 100% Rating - How I Did It!

    Outstanding and well done. Congratulations.
  9. Should I Report This?

    It is good therapy to be out and about, staying active, and getting out of the house; these are tools one can use to beat depression. Many Psychiatrist and Doctors recommend getting involved socially, getting a hobby, and just do anything to help avoid dwelling on the stressor.
  10. Va Decision In 3 Days On A Rexamination

    Congrats, Par. A three day decision is indeed hard to believe. I'm glad it came back in your favor to include Chapter 35 as well as CHAMPVA. My spouse is pleased with CHAMPVA. I wish Veterans could have CHAMPVA.
  11. Yes Sir, you can submit new evidence with your NOD.
  12. Success 90%

  13. The vA is sabotaging the Choice Card program; they don't want it to work. vA doctors are refusing to submit the paper work needed to use the Choice Card. I spent over a month on the phone trying to get someone to write the order or prescription to go to outside vA providers. I finally got letters saying vA would pay for the consult, and I could go to: -Eye doctor for a consult, but I would have to pay for glasses if needed and vA would not fill the prescription. -Dentist for a consult, but I would have to pay for anything needed beyond the consult. -Arthritis Doctor consult, but I have to pay for medications and the vA will not fill the prescriptions. -Gastroenterologist consult, but I have to pay for everything needed after the consult and vA will not fill prescriptions for meds. I hope this nonsense changes someday and the Choice Card becomes useful as intended. For now the Choice Card is a cruel joke.