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  1. I noticed you answered a question that was similar to my situation.  I filed a claim for PTSD and was awarded 70%.  I then filed a claim for IU as I had not worked and am still unemployed for the past 3 years.

    I was asked to send in employment information for the past 5 jobs along with medical records, etc.  I have been monitoring ebenefits and what you see below just showed up today.  I already have 70% for PTSD, what exactly are they looking for now?

    Please advise!


    furnish details regarding the stressful event(s) that caused your post traumatic stress disorder. the response we received does not meet the minimum level of detail needed for va to seek assistance from the u.s. army and joint services records research center (jsrrc). jsrrc assists va in verifying veteran's claimed stressful incidents when va cannot verify the stressful incident based on records from the service department or when va cannot obtain the necessary records from the service department. it is important that you provide us with more specific details concerning your stressful event(s). failure to respond or failure to provide a complete response to this request may result in a denial of your claim. specifically, we still need: *<insert information>.


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