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  1. I have some questions hopefully someone can help me; here is some back ground info. I retired from the Navy 30Sept2013 after 20 years. I filed a claim 1 Oct2013. I filed for cognitive disorder which the VA put to Organic Brain Syndrome (Non Psychotic) Effective date Oct 1, 2013. On my award letter it states we have assigned a 100 percent evaluation for your organic brain syndrome non psychotic claimed as cognitive disorder based on disorientation to place, time. Disturbances of motivation and mood. Forgetting directions forgetting recent events. Forgetting names, mild memory loss, Occupation
  2. Hello Here is my time line for the my First time FDC claim Filed claim first time FDC claim on 30Sept2013 with the Manila VARO Disability claim items 18 Under review completion date Oct 25,2013 All C & P exams completed at Manila VAOPC on Dec 17,2013 as per e benefits . VAOPC Manila outsourced some tests to STO Tomas hospital in Manila Philippines. Gathering of evidence Completion date July 10, 2014 Preparation for decision Completion date. August 22, 2014 pending decision approval completed date August 28, 2014 Prep for notification September 2, 2014 Completed: September 2, 20
  3. Hello I got a phone call from the VA Manila Philippines, where i filed my claim and completed my C and P exams. The nice lady on the phone needed my mailing address and bank info. She told me my claim is closed and i will be receiving the big brown envelope in the mail in about two weeks. She could not tell me my Rateing on the phone. All she could tell me claim closed. Well that is good news cause my cell phone just got stolen Thursday, so i needed some good news and got it. take care God Bless Charles T Booth BU1(SCW)USN Retired Seabee
  4. Just checked E benefits The Manila VA is good about updates to e benefits for the most part, My claim is prep for decision as of 22 Aug2014. On a side note people have asked me about the Manila Philippines VA people though it closed when the bases closed in 1992 no it is an office and OPC in the same building. They do treat WW2 philippine vets who fought for The US as they should do, The VA in Manila is very good in there care , the only draw back is you must be service connected to be seen.with that policy Vets are encouraged to summit claims even it will be 0 % so they can be seen ju
  5. i know it sounds like a lot i know i was a Navy Seabee not a Seal. When my first VSO not my current one looked at my medicial records this is what she came up with to claim so me not knowing any better said O.K sounds good. She belives in putting in everything in the claim she has stated that the way she was trained and what the vets want. The VSO she took over from got a bad rep for not doing that so she does it that way right or wrong.Bit she did throw in it is the Vets claim at the end of the day disclaimer of course. take care and God Bless Charles
  6. I went to see my VSO and she told me a date August 27,2014 to be decided of course that is not a firm date but it is 30 days from start of prep for decision start date. So the VA just might and that is a big might beat my personnel goal of having my claim closed within 365 days. As always with VA i pray the VA will get it right the first time. in life it is always good to have God with you. this is and upmost need when dealing with the VA as far as my dealing with them. take care out there it is nothing more then a waiting game with the VA so do not get wrapped up with e bennies or peggy it
  7. Hello Here is my time line for the my claim Filed claim on 30Sept2013 with the Manila VA Disability claim items 18 Under review completion date Oct 25,2013 All C & P exams completed on Dec 17,2013 as per e benefits Gathering of evidence Completion date July 10,2014 Preparation for decision Phase start date July 28, 2014 Pending decision approval ? Prep for notification ? Completed ? Number of days since claim filed 4 Aug 2014 309 days Number of days till my goal to complete my claim within the 365 days mark 56 Days as of 4 Aug 2014. All i can say i
  8. Hear is my C&P exams just want to know what rating the VA should give me? Thanks for the help. Heart Conditions: (Including Ischemic & Non-ischemic Heart Disease, Arrhythmias, Valvular Disease and Cardiac Surgery) Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Veteran: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Indicate method used to obtain medical information to complete this document: [ ] Review of available records (without in-person or video telehealth examination) using the Acceptable Clinical Evidence (ACE) process because
  9. Hello everyone I would like to pass on a some info i gained from a former rater who i spoke with at the VA. I will not use his name or VA where he works.He is no longer a rater he transferd to another job at the VA. He gave me insight on what a rater does. First you are a number to most raters. There is a quota system also not sure if it up to date but while he was working it was each rater for every 160 hours worked had to complete 80 claims in that time ie that is 4 claims a day per 8 hour day or you were an ineffected rater. Accurate rate at best was about 90 % where he worked so that
  10. I far as i know you are not required to see your PCP at the VA,It is very good to do so you can get lab tests,update info and meds ect. I go see my PCP i do this to keep all medicial records in one place the VA blue buttom is great on my health vet. The info may help with any future claims, or increases. I have to go to Manila OPC to do a remua consult this came from the Gulf War registry exam i did two months ago. The Gulf War registry Exam i hear alot people say it is a waste of time , if it is done right not so that is the problem if it is done right. The way i did mine was got the p
  11. On your question yes some one looked at your claim and put you in for C&P exams. I finished my C&P exams on 17 Dec 2013 that is over 100 days ago. So keep in mind my claim is not closed it is over 6 months since i filed my FDC. The 125 day goal the VA has for all Claims to include FDC claims is just a goal and the goal post keep moving back.
  12. It is more likely then not for a C&P exam. They have 60 days to set up a appointment, you can try to find out the number and call the Tampa VA to schulede an appointment this may or may not work but if you do not ask the answer is allways no. You must make all C&P appointments for your claim. Either way. Bring your paper SMR , outer medicial records and notes on each claim with you this will help anwser any questions. Keep in mind C&P exams start when you enter the centers parking lot every move you make is being watched trust me on that. it is allways good to have someone drive
  13. I put in my first time FDC on 30 Sept 2013. Finished my C&P exams on 17 Dec 2013 per E benefits, stiil in gathering of dust on e benefits, who updates that anyway it is never up to date trust me just like everyone else the VA says use E Benefits i say to the V A keep it updated it would cut down on phone calls to the 1800 number . My VSO tells me 3 to 4 months after all C&P exams are complete claim should be closed it is geting close to 4 months, After 4 months passes he will more then likely then not say 5 to 6 months to close the claim which will be more in the ballpark for the cl
  14. You can mail your records , the VA will send them off to be scaned at places like Wichita , KS , this will delay the claim due to waiting time 3 to 4 months on the records to be scaned. That is why i just filed claim and then uploaded my files it is still an FDC claim b/c i did iit right away. The claim was still in recive claim stage. It is so true you must review your record b/c in the end it is your claim.
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