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  1. I have decided I have had it with their game. If you have had copy of your c-file given to you and your file has been digitally copied they no longer will provide you in person access where you and they used to go through your records and you used to sort out what you wanted copied since they are cutting down on paper. They will not allow a computer to display a veterans information. This I was told today's date June 18 14. They are more than happy to supplement c-file paperwork to add to it. Or if you want your file recopied a charge of 25 cents is accessed.per page of course. My DAV representative is swamped and the congress member I had can only do so much. I am trying to engage legal assistance now as my only recourse. Paying someone rather than asking for help may help me get the relief I seek. This information was provided me by the Buffalo VARO NYS.
  2. Navy wife I know where you are coming from. I am just covering all bases to not give them any squirm room. I had plans to go downtown today but the wife's return flight was late so it shall be tomorrow's task now. When I submitted my request to view my c-file in person back in March that is when I was told it had already been given out to be copied. So yes I can make them give me a definitive date it was sent out. I am being played of that I am sure. Unfortunately the events that I have encountered over the years have made me leery of trusting anyone. I don't let my guard down often. So at 3 1/2 months what should I think
  3. Okay I called 827 1000 and they noted my query. When it was researched the only resolution was for it to have a tracking incident number established since there is nothing in the system to denote what has transpired. There is a 10 day waiting from them to respond by Email phone or my preferred snail mail. I will be in touch with this forum since I have no trust in this buffalo office we shall see.
  4. Thank you so it should be available to me by now then since my request was back in March 1 14. I realized of course that it is 25 cents per page or around 125 for the whole packet since I previously requested it. Why are no distinctive marking in place on neither the NPRC documentation or VARO documentation. I pulled it apart with my first request as I compiled my own medical military file and theirs to note that they had not been as through as they would have you believe. Actually there are three claim incidents that this lack of comprehensive evaluation affects. I have already approached them and will try again to see if this stalling continues. Placed a response call to 8271000
  5. Buffalo NY VARO refuses to afford me access to my file on record. I finally was granted s/c for a claim started in 1994 that fell away when all information was given up and still denied back then. Became employed for 16 years and the job owned me so the claim fell away. Now unemployed I decided to start up again. During the medical evaluation came to find out the VARO only reviewed the information at the base of injury. And did not examine the treatment at the next two bases of assignment line of duty was established at two bases. Third base went all out in just getting me discharged ignoring my deteriorating health their goal was to get rid of me period. With some discrepancies I was afforded s/c. Now as I am trying to prepare a CUE I am being denied access to any in whole or part of my C-File. Started requesting in March 14 told it is being digitized and I won't have any access to it. 511 pages I would like to check out but now I can't . Anyone have ideas. Since I have attached my congressman my NYS DAV has to recuse himself. Trouble is if my file isn't accessible how will they complete my claim for unemployability. Backstrain to blown discs is what it has become.
  6. Yes first start by getting your medical history. Then review the veterans representative services nearby. If you dont gel (feel comfortable) with an agency don't be afraid to move on. I started with the federal DaV and they were swamped I have ended with a state DaV representative. Don't be reluctant to ask questions either. They are there and want to help navigate the claims process. Plus this site has offered me advice that I am preparing to follow through on. Just it won't be an overnight resolution it takes time.
  7. Tell them the truth the mask is probably not a good fit the VAMC should have a catalog for you to check through. I went to private retailer after first mask
  8. Cpap has been my life saver. At work I suddenly felt like dead in the water. found me with moderate impairment. I got a machine from veterans and the hard plastic mask was a bear. I researched a private cpap company bought a mask out of pocket. at six months mask was worn out I went to VAMC who had issued the machine and first mask found out the mask that I was using was easy for them to get for me. There should be a catalog available for you to review. I am a side sleeper my mask is soft and the hose goes over my head not to the side. My compliance 97% or higher I am that comfortable.
  9. What should you look for: service medical records noting what type of injury how extensive how limiting and make sure somewhere it says chronic something or other. Your LoD notes and X-ray report notes make copies. Review with VSO and don't do it alone. When VARO says they are responsible for getting military and VAMC records don't believe them. Also get copies of what is called C-file. Its your history and much of what the VARO will base its decision on. They do miss important information or it gets misplaced or overlooked. this is where you can fill in the gaps for them. That's what I can offer by my experiences. There are others here that are much more aware than I am so keep checking
  10. Regional Office Fax Numbers

    Also the faxes are handled by title of Attn: triage that office evaluates and submits to whomever would handle a fax sent in.
  11. Regional Office Fax Numbers

    They don't answer questions during the day. However calling after hours you can schedule an appointment with a 15 minute window. Also as happend with me the fax number they give may no longer be valid. I went to my VARO and got the updated fax number and kindly passed it to the 827-1000 number.