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  2. SOMETHING NEW? Veterans New LOG -3LOG -IN?

    Probably the reason that I cannot get into Ebenefits!
  3. I got an email that I had a message on Ebenefits and for some reason I cannot get into the website. I am able to get into the DOD site but no farthar. anyone else having this problem?
  4. I had my last VA cardiologist appt 8/14. at that time I was told the Doc wanted to see me in 4 months. Never happened! I routinely went to the Pacer clinic every 6 months and assumed the Doc. that was there was my cardio doc, until he asked me " WHO IS YOUR CARDIOLOGIST?" WHOA ? I thought you were! Ended up with a Televidio appt and after being shoved aside for 1 1/2 years I refused! ended up with a Triwest appointment with the best local Doctor in the area! Alls well that ends well!
  5. The only communication I had from the DAV was begging for money!
  6. I ditched the DAV for that same reason. All they did was fill out the forms, and I can do that better!
  7. The root of VA problems is onions! oops misspelled that.
  8. I print and save everything from secure messaging
  9. Veteran's Law Blog

    Buck , Interpret this for me " OR Since the Veteran's release from active duty and for at least five years immediately preceding death, Trying to figure out if it applies to me?
  10. Similar subject, Its no wonder that a lot outside Dr's do not want to take veterans. I was sent to an outside urologist on a consult by my PCP. I had a procedure by this Dr. before. Tri Care set up the appointment on August 2016. I kept the appointment that was 120 miles away. Yesterday they denied payment ????
  11. Buck, Thanks for the reply. I already have a Choice card but thats a shot in the dark as which Doc you will see. At any rate they just called me back and they had a cancelation. I see my PCP at 10:30 tomorrow. TNX
  12. I have been having a problem with my legs and fluid retention. I suspect my pacer and or my heart is acting up so I called my local VA clinic where my PCP is located and was told that I could not be seen until the last of December. That is 8 weeks! I have never in the past had that much of a delay in seeing my doctor. The system is truly broken.
  13. Alittle off topic, but still about sleep apnea. I have been on a VA issued CPAP machine for 10 years in fact the 3rd machine. The VA recently changed things issued from prosthetics. In the past when a mask became worn out about every 3 or 4 months I would call and they would send a new mask. That has changed ( not for the better) . After 10 years I am told I must have a sleep study to get a new mask. Still not sure how this is going to work. Anyone that has sleep apnea knows it. Do you wake suddenly with a snort? That is caused by sleep apnea
  14. C&P Exam Reports=copies

    Along this same line is that Non VA services that are authorized by the VA are not scanned into the system . I have complained to the admin about this, but the ole brick wall got in the way!