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  1. 602 eastern time still getting an error it is a sytem error or error 50 or error 41 anyone else have same issues ith ebennefits being dow
  2. Like i stated but should have went into detail a little more. More or less this is how mt VA ortho explained it Emergency surgury= your but is in a gurney geting clothes off a but robe HEHE and surgury in a must as soon as possible or turtle speed. Meaning You have to have the surgury as it may be determental to healthor in some instances ive seen can be refused to. Elective Surgury=(va loves these)= You may turn the surgury down as it is something that is not life threating but deems wothyness to set an appointment and getting it done Mandatory surgury is nothing. Look at the exam thouroughly and there are many ways to say Yes No or Mandatory and Ehh we will get to it. Use common sense looking for the choice words they can be seen on other exams post on hadit. They willl help you understand it a little better and remember there is a load of info on here. ive been a troller for years but now see i can relate. Wealth of info on here and many informed like bronko he has helped me on many occasions. sorry ran of topic had to take some juice from the tangerine my anxiety is weird today. EBenefits even with its many update that make you relearn it everytime you log in is still messed up. As broncovet stated mokeys left and now it just error ridden cant log in ect. All we have left in Ebennis is the money shit and bannana peals. AB8 Payments and dependants as well AS VONAPP are about i bother with as the rest is monkeydung. Best info is from someone else who has been through it. Best of luck.
  3. . It was down last night and came back long enough to see my claim go to notification stage went to check ab8 and pow. this error. Alot of other if not all DMDC sites are down also. If itt has a DS Logon its down and from what i was told from freind at DEERS on base that it will be intermittent all weekend. Dont be surprised if they changed ebenies again as soon as we sart to earn the new page they change it... Like we dont stress enough.
  4. UPDATE: After many attempts trying to get my C&P results on myhealthevet. I spoke with my VSO and she unnnoffficially went over it with me. Total O&S and No Fudiciary and he added a question as to why i was not recieving SMC-s as i meet the requirements, So i went to the VMAC Records Department and filled out the form for the C&P as my VSO Stated and was told i would have to wait for it to be mailed in 14-21 days. WTF!! They told me that the va nolonger provides C&P exam results prior to Adjucatioan as it stirs up the vets and they start filing claims before they have beed decided? Has anyone else heard this. At least i was able to hear that my reveiw c&p was actually revealing that i was in worse condition than before and VSO stated that it should go P&T i still want to read it any suggestions?
  5. Chuck75 is right. But the ultimate descision is up to the rater. If you can get a statement from the outside provider stating that if you are off the meds your condition will worson. Also it would be good to have them state your flare ups ect as the more info you have to back your claim the better. Get with Your VSO and request a continuence for another reveiw or request another C&P if you are not liking the outcome from the C&P you are having. Go for what is in there criteria if you meet it get all the information you can to support your claim and be ready. Wish you the best.
  6. Broncovet has given some very good info. I forgot my neighbor had TKR and recieved 100% while in recovery in mean time he applied for a increase and was awarded a p&T 6 months after a C&P he had a year after surgury. was given 60% not elective is in your favor. I have to get left shoulder replaced just had the right done 4 yrs ago i had recieved 100& temp till i was rehabilitated lasted 9 months. The VA is trying so hard to update their systems and it changes alot. Stay positive and Supportive as you have its alot of red tape but you have a great group of info here at HADit. Stick to it and dont fall victim to them making it so frustraiting you just give up and get everything you are owed. Hope he feels better and with the replacement 800mg Motrin helps alo espescially when cold or wet weather is comming in and the aches set it.
  7. Keep an eye on myhealthevet blue button. click on notes it should show your c&p there if it was done at the VMAC mine was done the day before yours so im hoping to see it today or so as the next dat it turrned to preparing for descision. good luck
  8. Eben is usually behind the mainstream. You Need a good VSO preferably one who is in the Regional office. Most have one DAV American leion ect. Get their number and it will most likely help get answers faster. (It helped in my case) The Flag happened to me a few times also get the VSO on it if it comes back. Stay on your VSO not alot but to stay rellevant they work with alot of Vets. The total Knee replacement is it elective or i am guessing not by the VA? Financial Harship sometimes works sometimes does not. Ihave submitted 3 and 1 was approved. But every situation is different. The VA is logged still so it get a red tab added to the file to be looked at to see if it warrents a expidited claim. Thats how it was explained to me. Please wait for some more seasoned Vets here for input as i just posted my experiences that i had. Its a cat and mouse game just keep your ducks in the row and wish you the best..
  9. Benn 4 days inclding saturday and sunday now C&p info yet. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy easter ill post back once i see something or hear. ty all
  10. Ebenefits just went to Prepering for descision Timeline 2/16/2016 told c&p will be 3/24/2016 3/24/2016 1pm Had C&P at VA @317 dr sent notes today 3/25/2016 went to preparing for decision from gathering evidence 3-31-2016 Pending descision Approval!!! YAY 1 Step C;oser. Also as of now My C&P is available on Ebenifits coinki-dink i Think Not. Home stretch!!!!!!
  11. i actually got ahold of my vso all but MH was the above ratings. on appeal they took MH to 100% and she said the can go through the other contentions or take the 100% without further investigation into all ailments i opted for yes i had 3 kids and a wife to think about. Until now im realizing im only getting k and not s. she stated that once it goes p&T i will get S as well since i opted for it without them going into the others. She said i an nod but not till after this reveiw to have the other contentions read to possibly raise them. And the Me taking that deal limited my nod till a P&T determination
  12. Thanks again buck for the great info. Since sat and sunday count it looks as though i may see what they wrote on monday. I am smc k and 100%tdiu already 100% rating for bipolar severe anxiety they added all the other mh into same group. i have about 50-60% in other contentions. he C&P did mention a couple times that he noticed my dr put that i was homebound on almost all my visits but yet im not smc s. Maybe thats what he added i will post it as soon as its available. MY Vso stated they are most likely going to make me permanant at this reveiw as she was looking at my dr notes when i spoke to her prior to the C&P but i will talk to her next week. i have tinnitus and 2 other ratigs rated at 10%. They included PTSD and all other MH in with BP said BP will be main as at the time it showed the most. These are current ratings minus a couple scars, left shoulder 0% tinea versicolor (claimed as chemical burns with skin irritation) 20% right shoulder impingement with dislocation, status post operative 20% bilateral glaucoma 10% bipolar disorder, mixed (also claimed as anxiety disorder) 100% erectile dysfunction 0% scars, right shoulder 0% left shoulder impingement with dislocation, status post operative 30% gastroesophageal reflux disease 30%
  13. Being rambunctious i browsed ebenifits since the site i learn then they change. lol. i found my c&p exam i had done yesterday 3/24/2016 was submitted for veiwing at 3:07pm om 3/24/2016. my appointment was at 1 i got don a little after 2. being tommorrow is sat im guessing wed is soonest i will see it in my blue button?
  14. They did state in front of my my wife and another spouse in the lobby that the 2nd dr was stricktly for observation. Je also said it in the room as well. I got wierded out as it wasnt on there i was figuring hoping it was a normal bs thing they put down. All i did was showup for a reeval and it seemed to go well just some things where different. My point of this post is hopefully another vet who goes through the same thing can possibly look at this and get a little help maybe had same issues. thank you both for helping clear some of this up
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