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  1. Come back and play with us

  2. . I am back and hope to be here for a long time. Thanks for keeping the doors, Ms. TBird. ... Magoo
  3. . I finally beat the VA Weisels and they tried to trick me (with my own VSO) several times before the hearing and at the hearing. The VA believes that if you have PTSD .. your are stupid. However, I set up an ambush (metaphorically speaking) for the weisels and finally won the A&A ... without being judged incompetent. I actually had some solid evidence that showed that the VSO and DVA VARO was "somewhat incompetent" in the way that they handled my case. (Close to or even a CUE in my opinion) And I made sure that part with in the written record (date stamped) and recorded at t
  4. . It has been a while since I have been here, but some of you "old timers" will remember me. I won my A&A SMC claim with the VA ... HOWEVER ... because they gave me A&A ... the VA has already started proceedings to possibly consider me "INCOMPETENT". ..... YIKES ..... This is the weirdest thing that I have ever seen. For those of you who do not know me ... I will share the following. 100% P&T, PTSD (combat in RVN) 40% Back Injury (compression fractures) (combat in RVN) 10% Other (combat in RVN) All Above Ratings are Schedular. I do have a GIANT ANXIETY proble
  5. Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is well and I am back helping veterans after a some prolonged physical problems. ... My questions are: Are there any .. "Worksheets and/or VA Doc Questionaires or Etc." .. that one needs to know about before a .. C&P Exam for either an .. "A&A" or a "Housebound Claim" ?? Coming back to the the board is a learning process again and this new board is better than ever ... I just need to learn how to use it again ;) . Thanks a lot, Magoo aka Bill ... :P PS .. I have not opened email in several years and now I need to find out my ol
  6. . cowgirl: It's probably me ... but I cannot find the "SSA Letter Template" that you are talking about. Do you happen to know where it is ?? Thanks .. ... Magoo .. aka .. Bill ... .
  7. . Carlie: I am not sure that this will help you ... but I know that my SO won a case because the same person had been in the ... "VARO Decision Making Process More Than Once" ... on the same claim. I think that my SO (and probably many of the other SOs too) are pretty close to the VARO Staff. I know that they eat lunch together all the time and even have picnics together too. Afterall, most of them are in offices very close to each other. Good luck ... --------------o------------------ Philip: What was the name of the book that Terry posted ??? I must have missed tha
  8. . We went into the Con Thien area to party with some NVA along the DMZ ... and the C-130s had sprayed before we got there ... and they were still spraying a few clicks from us and you could smell whatever they were using. And that was when we ran out of water too and I had to halizone some water and add my Bugs Bunny Presweetened Koolaid ... B) Man .. what a ... "Toxic Cocktail' ... for us to sip on ... after a hard day at the office ... ----------o------------ Delicious Field Beverage Recipe Below --------------o---------- I could see it now in .. "The Stars & Stripes
  9. . John: I have thought for a long time ... that there were several disabilities that we both could have filed on. ... Magoo .. aka .. Bill ... B) .
  10. . Adora: I know the feeling ... and it is so difficult to explain to someone who has not experienced it. Is there a separate rating for .. "agoraphobia" .. when it is secondary to PTSD ???? ... Magoo .. aka .. Bill ... B) .
  11. . I believe that .. "Mekong Delta Swiftboat Mike Harris" .. did a lot of research and postings on this subject. Is there a way to find old posts that were on the old board ... ??? ... Magoo .. aka .. Bill ... B) PS ... I sure do miss ... Mike & Flip on this board. PPS ... I talked to Flip this last weekend ... he is doing fine and gave me more ideas on my .. Unusual SSA Claim(s). . .
  12. . Berta: Do you have a link to that site or the forms ... ??? I spent some time at LeJeune and drank oodles of their water there too. Maybe that is what pickled my brain ???... B) ... Magoo .. aka .. Bill ... B) .
  13. . Jim S. From what you described ... you are agoraphobic and it can be real tough on you too. Do you have an animal ... like Pete does ... when he takes his dog with him ??? From my experience ... animals are great. I have an African Grey Parrot ... and he is kind of hard to take with me on short trips. .... But, a dog would be great for that. -----------o---------- Agorphobia is in my VAMC records back to 1998 ... do they have an additional rating for that .. in addition to PTSD ??? Just curious ... one time I was told yes ... then later ... told no ???? ... I
  14. . Berta & John: Where is the ... HOOK ... in this ??????? Unless ... they are desperate for fresh troops and then ... I am still not too sure about this ???? .... I just do NOT trust them ... it's ALL about money in DC. And the ... Gov't Visa Card ... is already over limit. ... Magoo .. aka .. Bill ... B) .
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