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  1. I thought the VA closed down the VBMS system on 1/30/2014? According to this article anyway. Perhaps it's misinformation. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/01/30/va-shuts-down-their-flagship-vbms-claims-processing-system/
  2. Well I got my envelope today, and was denied again. Been battling since 2004 and think it's finally time to hang it up, for sanities sake. I appreciate all the replies and attempts to help and truly wish everyone the best. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply and you're absolutely correct that the only way I am going to know for sure is wait for the snail mail delivery of the final word. Perhaps it's just normal human nature to search for that "One Thing" that tells you yea or nea, but then again I've never been "normal". Just hoping for the best. Don't know if I am mentally capable of handling another denial. Thanks again for the reply.
  4. Thank you for the Reply, and I agree, it would seem that the "Appeal is Possible" shows up on all claims, based on what I've read. But my question is more specific to the Benefit letter you can print out by going to "Access my Documents" --> "Download VA Letters". When I generate that letter it stills reads "One or more Service Connected Disabilities: No" and the date on the letter is 1/30/2014. I'm just wondering if this letter would already be updated if I was in fact awarded, or if it can take a little time for that info to update. Thanks again for your reply.
  5. Hello, My claim info was updated today on the ebenefits website and would like your opinion please. As of this morning it shows the following: Type of Claim: Compensation Date Closed: 01/30/2014 (Today) Updates: Appeal is Possible Decision Notification Sent Development Letter Sent Action: View Board of Veterans' Appeals Status (Link) I know from reading this website for quite some time, and the wonderful post several helpful people have made, that this doesn't tell me anything other than watch the mail. My question is this; when I check the benefits letter, it still says "One or more service connected disabilities: No". Would you expect this information to have an actual % listed if the decision were favorable at this time? Would your best guess be that I was turned down again? Does it sometimes take a day or two for this info to update, or would you expect this to be accurate information? I keep running it through my head, and just don't know how quickly that letter would be updated if I were awarded something, so I can't help but think I have been denied again, and thought I would see what others with more experience had to say. Thank you in advance for your answer, and thank you for taking the time to read this (what turned out to be a rather long) post. Forgot to mention that the date of the letter, when I generate one, is 01/30/2014. I saw in another post where that question was asked, so I want to give all the info I can. Thanks again!
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