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  1. Hi, Yes he said that they didnt "send him anything" and this is the reply I sent after I received my denial. I also sent a statement from my wife RE: Inadequate exam by VES Doctor *************** Hello, My wife, in person, attended the exam by Dr. **** and recorded the time I was in there. I did not receive any examination at all. I was not measured for range of motion. I was not examined in any way. He asked about pain medication and I told him the VA does not provide pain medicine anymore. He had me pull up my pants and from 20 feet away he said “wow, that is stiff” and that was it. He said he would do what he could and told me I could go. I was in his exam room less than 15 minutes. The parking ticket will bear me out. I respectfully request another exam ASAP. This decision is in error because the doctor did not examine me. I object to the range of motion measurements also as he did not do any measuring. I respectfully request a copy of the document that shows measure ments I hereby request that a copy of the C&P Doc’s resume, CV, list of publications, list of specialties, etc., such that his/her experience and qualifications may be examined, reviewed, questioned, and/or challenged. I specifically request that any and all information stored in VetPort – or any other system of records – that pertains to the Examiners’ credentialing as a medical professional since the Examiner’s date of first employment and/or association with the VA – be included in my C-File and specifically examined by the BVA and CAVC to determine the adequacy of the Examiner’s so-called expertise. 38 U.S.C. 7402; 38 CFR Part 46;VHA Handbook 1100.19; VA Handbook 5005, Part II, Chapter 3; VHA DIRECTIVE 2012-030. Furthermore, I object to the following aspects of the VA Examiner’s opinion: a) The lack of support in the opinion with scientific, technical or other specialized knowledge, and how it relates to the conclusion being sought b) The lack of facts, tests, or data on which to base the opinion no exam was held. c) The lack of evidence demonstrating the Examiner’s conclusion is the product of reliable principles and methods, no exam no opinion can be made. d) The Examiner’s failure to reliably applied medical, scientific, and or forensic principles and methods to the facts of the case. Thank you, Joel D Lands
  2. Hi, Thanks, I didnt want to go off half cocked so to speak, I am furious about it, but thank god the wife was there, Ill go over the denial for specifics and I requested a copy of the exam the day I took it because It takes forever unless you have it done at a VA facility. This was a doctor contracted by VES. I sent copy requests to VES, VA regional, and the Doctor. On second thought the doctor said he did not receive any info on me from the VA, he may have gotten it afterward, and just plugged in numbers.
  3. I have a established left knee disability, I filed for an increase and was notified of a C&P exam. I went to the exam and my wife was in with me. The doctor asked about my pain, I told him the Va took away all my pain meds and that was it, Less than 5 minutes with him. The va sent me a denial based on his exam and said my ROM was not extensive enough for an increase and that my pain levels were not up to code for an increase. What the heck is going on? I sent a letter stating my exam was improper and not extensive, also said my wife was with me. What should I do about this, I have one year from 5-9-19. Should I get my stse rep involved or is there a better way to do this . They never measured me orr even touched my knee. HELP!
  4. Hi, I posted a success story about my PTSD award, thank you all for the responses! , butI have a ? about what the VA is doing, My original PTSD was awarded and then 2 claims were defered apparently they were part of the PTSD award. I had my rep activate them and they are in a "pending approval" mode. So the VA split my claim originally into 3 components: 1(PTSD: awarded July 5 2018 and paid 2(Ptsd Personal Trauma: 07/05/2018 deferred at 1st, activated and now pending approval 3(Military Sexual Trauma (related To: Ptsd - Non-combat) Defrerred at 1st then now pending approval Why is there 3 componets and what does it mean if anything to my rating and previous PTSD award July 5 2018 #1
  5. My claim was filed as a fully developed claim in July 2018, 2 weeks ago I was approved at 70% for PTSD my rating before that was 50%. MY total now is 80%, go figure. I am very grateful for such a fast decision, . It took me 7 years to get to 50%. I am grateful for all hadit posts, they helped immensely! Thank you all for info.
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