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  1. Hi, I posted a success story about my PTSD award, thank you all for the responses! , butI have a ? about what the VA is doing, My original PTSD was awarded and then 2 claims were defered apparently they were part of the PTSD award. I had my rep activate them and they are in a "pending approval" mode. So the VA split my claim originally into 3 components: 1(PTSD: awarded July 5 2018 and paid 2(Ptsd Personal Trauma: 07/05/2018 deferred at 1st, activated and now pending approval 3(Military Sexual Trauma (related To: Ptsd - Non-combat) Defrerred at 1st then now pending approval Why is there 3 componets and what does it mean if anything to my rating and previous PTSD award July 5 2018 #1
  2. My claim was filed as a fully developed claim in July 2018, 2 weeks ago I was approved at 70% for PTSD my rating before that was 50%. MY total now is 80%, go figure. I am very grateful for such a fast decision, . It took me 7 years to get to 50%. I am grateful for all hadit posts, they helped immensely! Thank you all for info.
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