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  1. Berta, An answer from an Iris I sent last week- I Applied for A&A on MAy 9,2011- but also filed an 1151 Claim on Aug.-2011 . Here is the answer I got today. After careful review of our electronic file, our records reflect that we reviewed your re-opened claim on Aug 30,2011, an and additional claim for A&A 0n May 9,2012. Based on the information avaiable,the required development action have been completed .We will review your claim to insure we have everything we need to make an informed decision. A claim may take longer in this Phase based on the specifics of your cl
  2. Berta, Just got back from N.O.La.., one long drive. Got a copy of his c-file. And guess what was on the very first page? A copy of a claim filed Dec.,31,1984 for DIC and her dependent children - 4 of them . Son is disabled and has been her ward all this time and lives with her,unable to do for himself. Her husband had been dead 10 months before she filed for the above. So the way it looks, the (SOB) V.A. does owe her all that back pay as I thought! Plus dependent payment also. . Berta, what is your take on this!!!!!! Can or should this be moved to another si
  3. Berta, I wrote about my sister who filed for his dead husband (VN Vet)\ Filed in Feb,2012 and got her white envelope and money in the bank this past Friday She got 1 year from the date filed to now- plus $ 1100. for the funeral. We are now going to get his c-file to see if it shows that she had filed for disability after he, died, so that she would get an eed to his date of death. She got all the benifits- Please feel free to move this to another site it it will get more attenton.
  4. I got a Brown envepope yesterday,but I 'am not sure what I was awarded! I believe it's A&A but for the life of me,I do not see where it s ever spelled out. Says -- After careful and compassionate consideration, a decision has been reached on your claim. If we were not able to grant some or all of the VA benifits you asked for,this form will explain what you can do if you disagree with our decision. Then they go into detail about what I can do, but nowhere does it say what I was awarded, or any statement of the case. I've gotten award letters before, but nrver anything like this be
  5. Berta, Because this Vet died from a heart attack and the VA only put it(heart attack) on the list last year, then I though that they had to pay back toi the date of death??? I know of one woman who got over $109,000. and that is why I assumed that all such cases were the same. Her husband was in V.N---died of a heart attack and the local service officer,whom I know did her paper work and did get her back pay to his date of death in less then 5 months! All she had was a death certerfite,marage certificte, and a DD214.
  6. No,She will get DIC- Plus back pay to date of death. What I am trying to do is the math to see what she can expect. Should be close to $300,000.00 according to my figures.
  7. I just completed a claim for this women-- her husband,a VN vet died in Aug,1984. FROM a heart attack. When she told me about his death,I asked about what benifits she was recieving. She told me none! So she should hear something in 3 months- no more the 6 months to recieve one hell of a check. I'am unable to figure out the backpay! anyone out there know what it should be
  8. Thanks Pete. I was just wondering about my post. Always willing to learn. Thanks again.
  9. I posted earlier todad but my post is gone. In Aug 30,2011, I filed a claim under 1151. Now need to file a claim for A&A plus for increase in my disability . Would that slow down my 1151 Claim??? Also I have someone who filed a claim in 1997,for pes planus and was denied,becase the that it was pre-exiting to his service. He served over 4 years in the navy, but the constant up and down on those ladders has caused problems with his feet. He did not follow up on his claim. What should he do? Refile? Was the law changed about pre-exiting condition???
  10. Berta, On Aug 30,2011 I filed an 1151 claim, I had it on this Forum at that time. I haven't heard from them, as you all know. But my Question is, would it interfer with my 1151 claim if I applied for A&A, plus for increase in other area of my disability? Also, a friend applied for pes planus, and was denied because they said that he had this when he went in service. If he did he didn't have any problem with his feet until he went in the Navy,going up and down those ladders on the ship. Should he re-apply???Been years. He went to college,had a good job before he went and was
  11. BERTA, In Louisiana, there is a $500,000.00 cap on mal-practice suits! How would that limit a tort claim against the V.A.? I want to sue them for $25,000,000.00. Also has anyone used the Law firm of CRONIN & MAXWELL, of Jacksonvillle,Florida ? The sent me a contract to for me to sign,to represent me in my tort claim-- 1. 20% of any gross recovery prior to filing a complaint. 2. 25% of any gross recovery after filing a complaint. 3. Alternatively, in the event of a court awarded attorneys fee,the attorney's fee will be the greater of (a) the court awarded
  12. Up-date my disability from 80% to 100% TDUI

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