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  1. I'm sorry, I realize this is likely the wrong forum for my question. It's been a while since I've been on and the navigation is not familiar to me. My son receives Chapter 35 benefits. He did not receive his benefit at the first of June (I think mainly due to his school not sending the info in timely. He called VA on the 1st to ask about it and they said it was in processing. Called back today and they still say in processing. He asked for an approximate timeframe for processing and they could not give one. Asked for a supervisor to check further and was told they could not give a s
  2. At this time we have life insurance but it will expire in seven years. My husband is 71 and I am 65, so hiring preference or some of the other things would not have any meaning for us. I am basically thinking ahead and it is very scary. I emotionally supported my husband for many years before we even were aware what his issues were. This was often at the expense of pursuing my own career/retirement. So, basically, I only have limited social security benefits. His award goes back to 2011 and is 70% PTSD and 10% tinnitus and 80% kidney disease. It is ridiculous what they are d
  3. I'm just wondering who decides on the amount of DIC? Is it the Sec. of VA or some governing body? Been doing a lot of thinking lately. My husband is 100% P&T. If he should die and it is due to his disability or he makes it to the 10 year mark, I will get approx. $1257. It will be impossible for me to make it on that amount which scares me to death. His disability goes back to 2011 officially but I am sure it was long before that. Because of that fact, it was difficult to impossible for me to pursue my own career. I was always watching him and sometimes even working for the same com
  4. Hematuria is blood in the urine and proteinuria is protein in the urine. Usually if there is protein in the urine, you will notice bubbles in your urine that do not dissipate.
  5. My husband was diagnosed with a kidney disease several years ago. Out of the blue, no history, etc. Ultimately, after much fighting, it was service connected to Camp Lejeune water contamination. He was awarded 80% for it. Kate
  6. Congratulations. Love the stick to it attitude! Trying to follow in your shoes. Why is it your responsibility to find out who the money was sent to? Shouldn't VA have to pay you and then they find out who they erroneously sent it to? Kate
  7. I don't think we asked for an increase with the reconsideration. That is how VA has it listed on ebenefits. We just asked to reconsider based on an inadequate C&P.
  8. Received letter from DAV saying my husband's claim is completed. No letter from VA yet and ebenefits still says pending decision approval. Filed original claim in 2011. Claim was for PTSD. Awarded 50% in Dec. 2014 but C&P examiner listed it as an adjustment disorder even though my husband had the PTSD diagnosis through the proper VA doctors. Filed a reconsideration in April 2015 claiming an inadequate C&P. Original C&P doctor did not even fill out all the paperwork. Received a new C&P in May 2015 that was very thorough. She diagnosed PTSD. Now DAV says my husband has r
  9. I think these tests can cause problems. Parts of the test are meant to determine if the taker is over exaggerating symptoms. Of course, they seem to give the tests when the veteran is in a highly emotional and fragile state after speaking with the Examiner for a lengthy period of time and delving into stressors, etc. Good luck. Kate
  10. When you contacted Ms. Hickey, did you explain exactly how you felt the exam was biased? You need to give her something to work with besides your opinion.
  11. Are surviving spouses not entitled to DIC if the Vet was 100% IU P&T?
  12. Dr. Bash did an IMO for my husband's claim. It was extremely difficult to come up with the fee. This was for a Camp Lejeune water claim which is very difficult to win. VA is turning down way more than they are awarding. My husband had this claim on appeal along with another unrelated issue on reconsideration. Two months after filing the appeal, I contacted The VA undersecretary due to an issue with the reconsideration claim. She ordered it looked at and while doing so, they took a look at the LeJeune claim on appeal. Wasn't expecting this since it had just been filed. So greatful they d
  13. I worried about the same thing, but, it only helped my husband. Contacted her multiple times (but only for legitimate issues.) She has been great. Several times she did not answer directly but action happened on the claim quickly. Good luck Kate
  14. If it is within the year time frame, I would file a request for reconsideration with new evidence. Some people don't agree with the reconsideration route but my husband and I have found it to be quicker and works well. Just be aware of the time and don't allow the one year date to pass so you can file an appeal if you need it. When you file, send in all evidence of a connection to service, especially for the breast cancer. Also, if you can get a IMO, that would be especially helpful. Good luck Kate
  15. Those sound like very promising words. Good Luck. Kate
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