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  1. She will just need your ID card or a copy of it.
  2. I had to apply for SSDI to receive FERS, My OPM is offset with the SSDI not my military retirement. The requirement is that you have to apply to SS but you don't need to get approved.
  3. Now the kids get a $1200 a month stipend on top of paid tuition.
  4. Is this his first check? My son usually get's his at the end of each semester in a lump sum. You can try calling again, I find I get different answers from the folks that work there and some are more helpful than others.
  5. Update - My lawyer filed a NOD today saying I disagree with the RO's decision and want to appeal. Stating the veterans MS should be rated at 100% back to the date of claim and additionally as found in evidence from Doctor J. the veteran should be granted SMC under 38 USC 1114 for the extent of the period of the impairment due to MS. The veteran requests a de novo review by DRO in conjunction with a personal hearing before the veteran and the veterans attorney. The veteran is requesting that a personal hearing be scheduled at a time when the DRO is able to provide the veteran with an explanation of the outstanding issues in each pending claim, and suggested evidence to support each of those claims as required by the appeals case of Bryant v. Shineski, 23 Vet App 488. Can any of you break that down for me?
  6. Checked Ebenifits and it looks like it's done (for now). 80% SC, TDUI, P&T
  7. Thanks, I'm still trying to figure it all out. I do have a very good lawyer navigating the road for me and feel confident he will go for everything I need. I am retired from the Navy so my family already has access to most of these benefits.
  8. On Ebenifits I see my case went from Files dispatch at the RO back to Files dispatch at the BVA on 2/21/14. It looks like it is the TDUI portion of my appeal. The original BVA remand stated the TDUI portion is remanded to the RO for adjudication. If the benefit sought on appeal is denied, the Veteran should be provided a SOC. An appropriate period of time should be allowed for response before the case is returned to the Board. I'm hoping this means they approved it. Any thoughts?
  9. Hill and Ponton did an excellent job with mine
  10. I do have both SSDI and FERS, both for MS. The VA does know. Thanks, I was wondering what you think about this statement from the BVA? My date of application has not come into question (yet). The veteran initiated claim for TDUI in Oct 2010. The claim for TDUI was first adjudicated in Nov 2011 SOC, which the Veteran subsequently perfected an appeal following a Mar 2012 SSOC. The board very liberally construes an Apr 2012 correspondence from her representative as a substantive appeal for her TDUI claim.
  11. My medical retirement was due to weakness and atrophy in my right leg. I was deemed at 10% at that time. As this was one of the symptoms that eventually led to a diagnosis and documentation of my seeking medical care for the same throughout the years, the 10% diagnosis within the 7 years was met. My IMO was done by a Neurologist in Orlando that specializes in MS. He did an excellent job of connecting the dots through the years and the board quoted him several times in their decision. I am hoping that the RO already has enough information so that he can process and rate the MS, and follow through quickly with the TDUI.
  12. Thanks, it took 4 years to get to this point as my MS wasn't diagnosed till 12 years after discharge.
  13. The BVA granted entitlement to service connection for Multiple Sclerosis. But remanded the claim for TDUI saying the RO incorrectly stated that the issue was intertwined with the service connection claim. REMAND-Given the grant of service connection for multiple sclerosis within the instant Board decision, the veteran claim for TDUI should be again addressed by the RO following the assignment of a disability rating to this disorder and any additional development needed. I have been granted SSDI and Fers retirements. Any ideas on what the RO may do with this or whether there is another long wait In store for me here?
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