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  1. I have been waiting since I April 1st for my Ebenifits to change status. It is now and has been since June 5. in the prep for decision phase...any idea on how long this can take. I am 100% p&t. I am waiting for them to make a decision on whether I need one or not..Thank - you all so very much for your assistance.
  2. Recieved BBE today...can anyone give me info on what I should do about a fiduciary recommendation? I guess that is why I have not recieved retro.
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words....still no BBE but I feel ok.
  4. Looking on ebenifits today it said one or more service connected disabilities it says yes...100 percent total and permanent disability..it also shows no retro however shows monthly compensation... am I dreaming or is it finally over?
  5. Just looked at ebenifits and says one or more disabilities yes...current monthly award 0... totally and permanently disabled.
  6. My rating has not been completed yet it just went to pfn this morning next stage complete
  7. I recieved s letter dated today 3/16/2014 saying that I can apply for state benifits. However on same letter is says one or more disabilities none. Does this mean I have been denied?
  8. I am at Pda on ebennies..but nobody has called me about my bank acct. info is this bad news.
  9. I can not access ebennies either..must be down
  10. I was in us army from 1976-1983 been fighting for bi'polar I have been denied twice.I now decided to hire an attorney. I had my C&P exam done now for the first time ever. Is this a good sign, but I have been in gathering of evidence for 14 months.
  11. I as well am new to this site.. but have been reading a lot, and learning a lot..thank you so much.
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