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  1. ogj23

    Chapter 35

    I might have communicated what I was asking wrong. My son just finished college in May and I have received all the money for him being in college $218 a month. I got my P&T rating in June and they said he could get retro pay for his Chapter 35 benefits which is around $1200 a month times 45 months. I was asking would I have to pay back the $218 a month I received while he was in school since they are going to retro his chapter 35 benefits back to when he started school. Sorry to keep asking this question. Thanks
  2. ogj23

    Chapter 35

    I might have miss worded my question. I was getting $218 a month for school age child over 18. Now I’m P&T with Chapter 35 benefits retroed back a few years he get the chapter 35 pay around 1200 a month. Do I have to pay back that $218 a month I was getting before I was P&T. Thanks
  3. ogj23

    Chapter 35

    When I was 80% disabled I received money for my son in college. I am now P&T and they retroed it back to before he started college. So now he is able to get the full Chapter 35 benefit. My question is will they ask me to repay the money I was getting when I was 80%. Thanks I hope this is in the right section.
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