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  1. First, Thank you for all the replies. I have all of the forms and supporting files completed. This includes medical nexus letters, treatment records, buddy statements, and required forms. My military treatment records repeatedly record a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis (PsA). It is an incurable degenerative illness that, in the majority of cases, will result in disability without treatment. Unfortunately, I was not informed of the diagnosis at the time as it responded to treatment. I only had reason to request and review my military records due to my recent disability. So I was left to struggle for years before it was again independently diagnosed. I advise any veteran to request their records and review them just in case they may be a diagnosis or issue like this of which they should be aware. I found a old FAQ for the obsolete VONAPP software which says there is an upload limit of 5 file maximum of 1Mb or less. http://www.vabenefits.vba.va.gov/vonapp/faqs.asp "You can attach up to 5 electronic files to your VONAPP application before you submit it using VONAPP" This current eBenefit instructions say that you upload unlimited documents of 5Mb or less. So I think it is either a bug or they have not yet fully updated the software to allow upload of more than 5 documents prior to online submission of the claim on eBenefits. To date, I called the help number for eBenefits support. Waited on hold. They instructed me to log out and log back in. This did not work. I submitted a help ticket which simply referred me to the Regional Office & closed the ticket. I called the regional office, waited on hold. they advised me to logout and login. When I explained that I tried this repeatedly, the RO transferred me back to the eBenefits tech support number: 1-800-983-0937 Option 2 The customer service person did not have an answer and escalated the issue to her supervisor. They suggested I combine the documents into 5 files. But that does not work as the files then exceed 5Mb each. So they advised that I upload a note that explains that I was unable to upload the remaining files and was submitting them by mail or fax. It seems I need to submit the online claim in order to get the claim confirmation number to submit with the hard copy documents. In short, I am unable to upload all of the supporting documents prior to submission of the online claim. So I will be submitting hard copies by mail with delivery confirmation. Thanks again for your help and suggestions.
  2. Well, it seems that their technical support customer service for eBenefits online application is nearly non-existent. They closed the ticket without explanation and referred me to the regional office. Looks like I will need to submit hard copies of every document. And this is suppose to be the fast track...
  3. My claim is straight forward. I have psoriatic arthritis that has led to my recent disability. My military medical records record being treated for psoriatic arthritis on active duty. So the service connection is established through chronicity. It is an incurable degenerative condition. I have all my medical records. Letters from all my doctors. I have been developing the claim on eBenefits as they claim it shortens the processing time. I was hoping to submit a fully developed claim (FDC). The issue is that I cannot upload all of the supporting documents to eBenefits. All the files are pdf and less than 5Gb. It is limiting me to a maximum count of 5 files. The only document type in the Optional Documents pull down menu is "Other Correspondence". I called the eBenefits / VDC Technical Support @ 1-800-983-0937. They instructed me that I needed to logout, then login and I would be able to upload more documents. I have tried that with no success. I have submitted a help ticket and received a confirmation email opening with an inquiry number. I guess I will wait to see if they respond and are able to help.
  4. So I am new to all this and initiated a claim on eBenefits. I initiated a Disability Compesation Applications. I have gathered all supporting files. When I go to the Supporting Documents section, the only option for uploads is "Other Correspondence" and that category only allows 5 files maximum. I have a dozens of documents I need to upload. But I cannot for the life of me find a category for treatment records, or letters. Other Correspondence is the only option for document type. I have not submitted the claim. Is this some sort of bug? I have been through the sequence of questions a dozen or more times just to see if I was missing something. Anyone know how to correctly upload the supporting files? Thanks
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