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  1. I totally understand your feelings. My claim closed today, 100% permanent and total. I called the 800# just to see what the effective date is, and the representative scoffed at my question. He said "You're getting free money. Why are you asking?" Way to make me feel worthless, VA! My mom gave me great advice about my success. She said it is time I focus on myself now. You should do the same! :)
  2. Today, less than 24 hours after status changed to prepare for decision. :)
  3. Thank you Berta! Yes, definitely so much to be thankful for!
  4. coriemboh


    Claim just complete! 100% P&T!!! Thanks to Hadit for invaluable information! !
  5. Prep for notification! At this stage, will it show results under the AB 8 letter?
  6. Claim filed 3/21/2014 Request for increase/IU. Increase granted Sept 4, combined rating @80%. Request for IU deferred pending previous employers forms. Gathering of evidence since 9/5/14. UPDATE: IU claim is now in prep for decision phase! Cross your fingers!
  7. Question on my mom's behalf (she's a retired Navy HMC). She remarried on Aug 3,2013. Submitted the necessary paperwork and marriage certificate through appropriate channels. She just recieved word through ebennies that her new husband was added, however the effective date is Dec2013. What gives? Why isn't the effective date the same as the day she got married?
  8. You must be new here, rick. Each disability is different and rated accordingly. For example, I am 70% for one diagnosis and 30% for another. It depends on specific criteria. I will ignore your navy comment. You can work and be 100%. I would have to say that every veteran is a patriot. You don't know their personal struggles. If you want to bash threads and posts, go to CNN's website.
  9. Not sure, but the IU claim says "Decision Letter Sent" but status is Gathering of Evidence. So I will wait until the BBE comes in. :)
  10. Good news and bad news. Good news: my claim for percentage increase (submitted 3/11/2013) was approved from 70% to 80%, official effective date unknown. Bad news: my claim for IU (submitted 3/21/2014) went from pending decision notification to gathering of evidence. Back to square one (or 3?) On one hand, I'm super happy for the 80%. On the other, I'm kinda stumped that my other claim went from decision notification to gathering of evidence.
  11. Do you live close to a va clinic? They can upgrade your account there.
  12. Thanks carlie for the clarification! I will update this post as it comes. :)
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