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  1. Got my big brown envelope...it says "we reviewed your records and they suggest you may be entitled to an additional benefit. Please tell us on Statement in Support of Claim that you want to claim bilateral shoulders, bilateral elbows and bilateral shin conditions."

    Is it as simple as writing is like to claim condition A, B and C? I know these were issues brought up in my C&P exams but I hadn't originally claimed. What's the best way to go about this?

  2. Almost 2 months...I'm sure if I argue I can get more and especially when the Burn Pit Registry is ever put into place as I was exposed to that quite often on my deployments. I haven't decided if it is worth arguing or not yet though...need to get my whole packet and see what they rated each condition

  3. Sorry I will try and clarify. While I was in the service I had a hearing test, I failed it. I had another hearing test and failed that one too. I then had a battery of tests and failed all of those. The military then referred me to a civilian ENT doctor and a civilian audiologist, their results matched the military results. The military then issued me hearing aids and the hearing aids are under the care of the VA, they warranty them, replace batteries, etc. I have not yet received a disability rating for the hearing aids as this is my first claim I have submitted.

    The process I utilized was the DAV VSO on my behalf submitted a BDD/Quick Start claim, including my service medical records and all the civilian doctor's tests and notes.

  4. The hearing aids were issued by the DOD while on active duty. However, they were issued through the Department of Veterans Affairs, I have the warranty paperwork and receipt of issue from the VA, and watched my Audiologist go into the VA medical system to pull the information for me. I am not in receipt of disability at time, I EAS'd a month ago.

  5. I am looking for some guesstimates of what to expect for a rating. I have no idea and it seems you guys are very knowledgeable. My claim had: tinnitus in both ears, hearing loss (USMC issued me hearing aids) but I understand it's likely 0%, instability and joint pain in both knees, instability and joint pain in both ankles and retinal holes noticed at my military PRK surgery. Also during the general medical the doc noticed my shoulder is painful and limited in motion but my DAV rep hadn't put that in there as I've never officially been seen for it. Any ideas at % rating?

  6. Thanks! I went in and the general medical exam went well and the doctor was great. A question though if he found other service connected issues I hadn't claimed can they be added through his notes and observations or do I need to file a separate claim at a later date? Also I did my eye exam and that doc was awesome as well. They both said my claims were very justified. Hopefully my last on Thursday goes well and then I am done.

  7. Hey everybody,

    New vet here got out a month and a half ago after 9 years in the Corps. I have found myself on here more and more doing my VA research and have my C&P exams tomorrow..2 out of 3 at least. Tomorrow is general medical I assume for my knee/ankle claim and optometry for retinal holes claim. Thursday is my last exam for audiology. My question is I have hearing aids that were issued by the VA before I got out due to documented hearing loss and tinnitus. Why/what is the exam for then?

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