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  1. silverdollar22

    AB8 Letter Generated on Ebenifits, it’s official 100%P&T

    Thanks , congratulations to you also!!! My first payment is also 1 October with a little back pay. Every correspondence that I received from the Va had been BWE (white)! And no I haven’t received it yet! Just ebenifits status. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see together. We should get all the paperwork for chapter 35 and CHAMPVA as well as post privileges. Lots of stuff still to do but, in the meantime we can do more homework on everything else we can get! Keep us posted and congratulations again
  2. Final update! I just signed into E-bennifits and the AB8 letter just got updated! I guess it’s really true!!!!! Effective date 1 May 18. My wife can finally breathe and give me a fist bump !!!!!! Champagne Anyone?????
  3. I agree 100% that secondary connection is the way to go!
  4. What can I expect from this meeting for ILP? I tried to do my homework on this but it was really vague! I have read ASKNOD’s posts but I don’t know what to ask for to help me around the house! I have steps that I thought I would ask for handrails to help me hold on to. I was thinking of also asking for jets to be installed in our tub since I know I would be turned down for a walk in tub. It would be difficult to get in but the water jets would be an incentive for me to try.
  5. silverdollar22

    Sleep Apnea

    First, do you have a diagnosis for sleep apnea? Second, I found it easier to claim secondary, rather than trying to claim that it occurred while in service. I was a very loud snorer while in the service and probably had it then but, I have been researching and it seemed almost impossible to service connect while in service (JMHO). I can send you a copy of the IMO so you can show it to your doctor and explain how it needs to read for the VA to understand. It has to show good rational to connect the dots.
  6. silverdollar22

    Sleep Apnea

    I got my SA service connected by claiming it secondary to my depression and medication. My civilian doctor did an IMO & DBQ that gave medical evidence of how depression and anxiety medication can cause sleep apnea.
  7. I tried to figure it out but can’t. Sorry
  8. Thanks Bronco, good information!
  9. silverdollar22

    DENIED SSD Initial Application

    I think that I’m going to try ssdi now, right after I’ve been rated at 100% P&T and I have an appointment with vocational rehab on the 19th for IL assessment. I am still on short term disability from work but plan to ask work for a severance package and quit. What do you think? Now or wait?
  10. Try your PCP first. Probably won’t work out but if you print out the DBQ and take it with you the next visit, use that time for her to fill out the paperwork! It’s worth a try! I know that the RO will want a opinion from a psychiatrist or a urologist but, you’re PCP can opine that the medication can (more likely than not) cause ED.
  11. silverdollar22

    P&T Awarded

    Great Victory! Congratulations!!
  12. Another avenue that would work is have your psychiatrist, which is a doctor, fill out a DBQ for loss of organ. Have you ever mentioned the ED to him? I never had to go to a urologist or anywhere else for a test. The word of your psychiatrist should be sufficient being that depression and PTSD medication is known to cause ED!
  13. silverdollar22

    Ebenifits down???

    Ebenifits is up and running!
  14. silverdollar22

    Won my CUE Claim for Skin Condition

    Congratulations, when you’re right, then fight!!

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