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  1. Thanks L for the reply and advice. I already contacted Voc rehab so I’ll wait for them to contact me. I guess I’ll just have to wait and pray a lot about it. I know that everything will be alright in the long run. Thanks
  2. I have to make a decision before it’s too late. I can just hang on to my test results because my HR isn’t pushing for it now or give it to them and see what happens! If everyone here thinks that there is no chance of getting the IU then I’ll have to just take my chances with the firing issues. I just figured being 20 years at this job and it killing me both physically and mentally and not having any other skills they would not waste time on trying to retrain me for another job at 56 years of age. Yes I can post my last C&P results for my mental illness if you think that would help. I guess I’m just scared. I have a family and mother in law to take care of that’s all.
  3. If I get fired then I don’t think I can get unemployment insurance, but if they lay me off then I’m pretty sure I can get unemployment. My wife doesn’t work either but I still owe on my house. I’ve done some research and for what I’ve read my employer has to within reason try to find me something within the company to do. If I’m wrong someone will chime in.
  4. I’m a golf cart mechanic. I’ve been rated 50% for about 4 years and have gotten worse to the point where I just started seeing a specialized psychologist every two weeks to try to figure out what is causing my anxiety and anger issues. Yes I still see my psychiatrist and he keeps adjusting my medication. About being employed right now, all I have to do is to turn in my results from this test and then they would have to find me another position but with my past suspensions I am sure they will let me go!! My problems won’t let me stand or sit for any length of time. Can’t pick up over 10lbs. I’m just trying to figure things out before I turn this in to HR.
  5. The question that pops up in my mind is; will the VA try to retrain me if this is the only job I’ve had since I got out of the military in 95? Seeing that my age is 56 and my conditions will only get worse especially my mental conditions. I kind of think that I don’t really have a chance with SSDI but might have a chance with TDIU.
  6. I’m rated at 50% PTSD/depression, 20% bilateral for nerve pain legs, 10% bilateral knees, 10% HBP, 20% back yes im still trying to work but keep getting into it with people! Been suspended twice within the last 6 months and asked for this test because I hurt to much to keep going and maybe get transferred to an easier job with less people and less stress. The test says in conclusion; Client demonstrated the ability to perform medium Physical Demand Level work based on FCE testing. The client demonstrated consistent effort, but with a high pain focus. Comparison of a job description from————- for a service technician reveals the client does not meet the requirements for his job.
  7. I have a question for you guys. I recently asked my PCP for a FPE(Functional Capacity Evaluation) for my job because I have come to the point where I can’t take the pain anymore (been doing my job for 20 years now). I was sent to a civilian occupational therapist where they do workmens comp claims and auto accident claims. They did their test and when I got the results it says that According to my job requirements I can’t do it anymore. I got the results today and don’t know what to do with the results. I am 56 now and 80% . Should I be thinking of TDIU or not turn it in to work because they might lay me off! I have a dilemma!!! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I have a question about if I can file for compensation for my acid reflux caused by my mental health medicines? I have to take acid reflux medication for my reaction to my Wellbutrin and Effexor. I have been taking it for about a year now and every time I try to stop, it comes back with a vengeance. Do I have a claim or should I just forget it? If I can and get it service connected at 10% that would jump me to 90%! Is it worth it?
  9. silverdollar22

    Statement from my PCP overturned by C&P Doc?

    So what do you think?
  10. silverdollar22

    Statement from my PCP overturned by C&P Doc?

    First of all thanks to all who took the time to answer my post. I did look at my C&P results on ebennies and did some research on the examiner. She is the director at large what ever that means. She has a pretty big list of credentials so I’m not sure that route will work. Here is her opinion! MEDICAL OPINION REQUEST TYPE OF MEDICAL OPINION REQUESTED: Direct service connection OPINION: Direct service connection Does the Veteran have a diagnosis of (a) degenerative arthritis (DJD) left hip that is at least as likely as not (50 percent or greater probability) incurred in or caused by (the) motorcycle accident and MVA with left flank pain during service? Medical Opinion: Records reviewed. In review of the Veterans STR it is noted that he was involved in a MVA and motorcycle accident. In 6/20/1984 (p.g37; 1st STR tab dated 09/23/1995) he was involved in a motorcycle accident. The note indicates that the Veteran c/o right side hip and shoulder pain. XRAY was NEGATIVE. The only noted documented issue was for bruises from the incident. Also in review of his STR it is noted that in 04/27/1984 (P.11; 3rd STR tab dated 09/23/1995) he had a MVA. From that incident he had c/o right flank pain. Please note that this document appears to have been altered from the location of the condition from "R" I am assuming meaning right to an "L" I am assuming to mean left. However because the author of the note did not initial or sign next to the changes it is unclear who made the changes to the document. Nevertheless, it is also documented in this note from 1984 that the Veteran was dx'd with a contusion of his back. In review of the Veterans MTR it is noted that he was dx'd with DJD of his left hip in 2015 which is almost 20 years after he exited service. There are NO not noted issues with his right hip to date. In review of his records there were no prior issues with is left hip since the 1984 incident and the Veterans issues with his left hip appear to have been intermittent since the dx's of DJD in 2015. Taking the above into consideration it is therefore LESS LIKELY that he has a dx's of (a) degenerative arthritis (DJD) left hip that was incurred in or caused by (the) motorcycle accident and MVA with left flank pain during service. It is also LESS LIKELY that this Veteran has a right hip condition that was incurred in or caused by service. I can add more information if necessary
  11. silverdollar22

    Statement from my PCP overturned by C&P Doc?

    Haven’t gotten my decision letter yet but I saw why I was denied. Almost everything she said was not true including that she didn’t use a gynometer for my ROM. She also said by pure speculation that it appeared that someone changed the emergency room report. I stated that I had to pick up my leg to put my pants on and that I could not sit cross legged and she put I could do that. Bogus 👎
  12. silverdollar22

    Statement from my PCP overturned by C&P Doc?

    WOW okay! I guess I’ll have to wait for the decision letter. Thanks Buck
  13. silverdollar22

    Statement from my PCP overturned by C&P Doc?

    How do I find out if the C&P doctor was qualified? Yes I will post the information when I get it. He said 3 to 5 days. Buck, is the answer yes or no on my question about “can the C&P doctor overturn my primary care doctors opinion?”
  14. Had my C&P and found out today that I was denied even though my primary care doctor said that it “was more likely than not “ attributed to my auto accident while I was in the Army. My SMR states from the emergency room that my entire left side had a contusion from the accident. The C&P doctor apparently disregarded both pieces of evidence in her decision. The man I spoke to said he thought that my best bet would be to appeal the decision through the new appeal program. He said that 60% of the appeals were positive. Do I have to wait for the decision letter before I file an appeal? Thanks,
  15. Thanks for the in-depth information on this! Only bad thing about this is I’m pretty darn sure that I don’t have any complaints in my SMR’s that will tie this all together. But I figure that for vertebrae to fuse together doesn’t happen over night. I have a decent primary care doctor who has helped me get my hip tied into my accident by saying more than likely than not it happened in the wreck. Even if she is only a primary care doctor they accepted her opinion. Who knows! I’ll have to work on an IMO in the meantime. Again thanks for the advice!!!

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