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  1. Thanks for the great information to chew on! I have another question that you might know the answer to. If I have the VA and I opt for the Medicare part A not B, I get into a car accident out of town and get taken to the nearest emergency room (Hospital), the VA will pay for it at least until I get stabilized right? If I have both Medicare and VA will they fight over who will pay and in the meantime I get Jammed with the bill? Please correct me if I’m wrong!
  2. First of all thanks broncovet for the reply. My va here in Augusta is probably above average as far as the va is concerned so I’m ok with going there except for the knife! All 10 of my medications are covered and the next step is surgery and I’ll pass on that for now! I’m 58 and I have until November to decide. I just wanted to here it from you guys and gals because of the plethora of information found here from people who know what they’re talking about! Thanks
  3. Question, I’m 100% P&T and draw SSDI. I recently received my Medicare pamphlet and card with instructions on choosing the part B option. My question is being 100%P&T do I really need part B of Medicare? I figured no but, I wanted to ask the Experts! Thanks, Eric
  4. Thanks Buck, yeah, no reason to stop using them now. It’s not like I’m going to get better any time soon!
  5. Thanks to both of you for the clarification on this and since I’m going to be 57 around the corner I don’t think they are going to mess with me any time soon. Carlie was a great help on these forums and has left a great deal of information for us to benefit from. As I have said before I’ll ride the wave until it hits the shore!
  6. I’ve never heard anything about that! (Dairy Date) what is it and where’s it at in the regs? That’s ate up that they have something like that up their sleeves. WOW
  7. Congratulations on the victory pwrslm.
  8. Wow, congratulations! That’s a hard one to get service connected!
  9. Mine was updated within 2 days. I am still waiting on my decision envelope to come! 3 and 1/2 weeks and waiting! Keep checking VA letters. AB8 letter should update soon.
  10. I have an attorney now but he worked on my va claim. Seeing that this will be my first attempt with SSDI do I need him now or maybe wait till the second try if denied? 100%P&T + voc Rehab letter + 56 = ?
  11. Shouldn’t the letter kind of be, like icing on the cake to show another agency’s opinion on my condition?
  12. Finally got my vocational rehab letter today and I think it’s what I need to take to social security for SSDI right?
  13. Thanks Buck!! You’ve been a lot of help to me over the years. I would rather have my health back instead!! Bitter sweet!!!!
  14. Remember, the va doesn’t care how jacked up your back is! I have 7 herniated disks in my lumbar region with no disk left at L5-S1. Its all about ROM(range of motion)!!! I receive 10% for my lumbar region since 1998. I’ve tried for an increase over the years with no increase. You can claim ricopathy ( or how ever it’s spelled) in both extremity separately. I get 20% for each leg. I also think that you can claim sciatica separately. DDD and IVDS are very different claims. IVDS is very hard to get rated because of the bed rest thing. DDD is what ,in my opinion, you should claim! Remember though, ROM is the defining factor for any type of back injury! And as far as I can remember the max you can receive for IVDS is 60% if you’re entire back is fused. DDD is 40% without the back being immovable.
  15. I just had my claim approved for Tinnitus and the C&P doctor ( non va) did a pressure test on both of my ears. The one that has the ringing seemed to have less back pressure than the other that doesn’t have the ringing. I asked if the pressure was supposed to make you dizzy! All he said was that it could do that. My good ear is the one that got me dizzy when the pressure was applied! Then he did the normal hearing test. Next was the tell him what the main word was in the sentence. I’m not sure if that pressure test was to test for the Tinnitus?
  16. Congregation!! I was just awarded 100% P&T and still waiting on the envelope (whatever color it is going to be) to come. I know that it has the paperwork I need to get my family champva approved. My retro has already hit the bank. Not much but it came. Now it’s been about 2 weeks since my decision and still no envelope!
  17. Thanks Vync, I appreciate your and everyone’s advice and encouragement over the years. I plan to pay it forward!!!
  18. You can go it alone or do like I did and hire an attorney but, as you already stated your at 100% P&T so you have the max compensation unless you can get smk for House bound. I’m not really sure on all that smk or other compensation above 100% so you would have to ask the experts. I’m going to concentrate on SSDI after I rest my brain for awhile and try to soak up or late this soak in. Like I said this is bitter sweet!
  19. Thanks , congratulations to you also!!! My first payment is also 1 October with a little back pay. Every correspondence that I received from the Va had been BWE (white)! And no I haven’t received it yet! Just ebenifits status. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see together. We should get all the paperwork for chapter 35 and CHAMPVA as well as post privileges. Lots of stuff still to do but, in the meantime we can do more homework on everything else we can get! Keep us posted and congratulations again
  20. Final update! I just signed into E-bennifits and the AB8 letter just got updated! I guess it’s really true!!!!! Effective date 1 May 18. My wife can finally breathe and give me a fist bump !!!!!! Champagne Anyone?????
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