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  1. Yes this math is correct. However you are 1% point away from being 100%!!! There are 'SECONDARY' ISSUES/INJURIES you may be able to claim to bring you into the 100%. Just know if you file for TDIU(your potential to earn additional income will become LIMITED and possibly affect your TDIU rating!!!) The sole purpose of TDIU is saying you can't maintain 'gainful' employment based upon your 'service connected disabilities'. https://ptsdlawyers.com/blog/3-most-common-claims-left-on-the-side-secondary-service-connection-for-side-effects-of-medications/
  2. There is no requirement to tell the VA about Lottery winnings however if you're 100% P&T and was receiving Social Security benefits(don't worry the moment you cash that ticket) Social Security is going to let you know that your benefits will be adjusted because of the amount of your Lottery winnings that are over the limits!!!!!!! if you're married probably should let your spouse cash in the ticket!!!!
  3. I had NOTHING in my medical records!!!!! Because of my service connected injuries I was able to show excessive weight gain during service, numerous complaints from roommates with loud snoring, gasping for air during my sleep habits, able to show I had requested numerous sleep studies from the VA but was denied during my 1st year out(important you make sure you have them DATE STAMP ALL CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN YOU AND THE VA). I had an IME from Dr Bash(don't listen to the rumors...call him because each case is different!!!!! His IME along with my Dr. Riad Dahkell Board Certified Pulmonary disease and Sleep Medicine EXPERT here in Maryland did it for me and I am grateful!!!!! Dr. Bash was able to use Dr. Dahkell write up and link the 'in service' connection which gave me 12yrs of retro!!!!!!
  4. Without Dr. Bash your best bet would be to file it SLEEP APNEA SECONDARY TO PTSD. There is enough articles/medical evidence to support your claim. You have been diagnosed as having 'mild' sleep apnea which they should have given you a CPAP machine. Having the machine is a 50% rating.....etc.
  5. I too didn't have ANY medical evidence within my military records. 12yrs later I was diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnea IME from Dr. Craig Bash and several buddies letters whom were roommates with me and was able to give detailed occurrences of my sleep habits during service. Initial the RO in Baltimore didn't grant it but I won it on Appeal......if I would have had Dr. Bash letter and buddies letters for the RO in Baltimore I was told they would have granted it then.....etc. Another thing you have going in your favor is PTSD. There are numerous cases where Sleep Apnea is SECONDARY to PTSD!!!!! Ensure you submit ALL of your evidence the 1st time....I am sure you will be successful. Good luck!!!
  6. My 1st cousin case was just closed from there with a 100% P&T success. Warning: They did mess up on the effective dates which are easily correctable.....his stayed in 'decision' mode for about 2 weeks before he got his letters via ebenefits!!! Rule of thumb 'always check your ebenefit benefits letter.....if ANY changes happen it will instantly reflect in this letter!!!!
  7. Hello How long is the process to get approved for Aid and Attendance via the VA? How much is this additional pay?
  8. CONGRATS!!! Don't forget to apply for your Social Security Benefits(payments). There is 'fast track' system for Veterans who are 100% P&T!!!!!
  9. Congrats!!!! Please take advantage of your 100% benefits. Follow instructions in your package. Blessing over flowing.....
  10. Congrats!!!! Everything is in your package.
  11. Congrats and welcome to 100% club!!! Please ensure you take advantage of all of your benefits being 100% P&T. If you're 100% P&T Schedular then you are still able to work. If you are 100% P&T TDIU(YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WORK). Additionally your PTSD might stipulate that you can't work. 1. Tax exemption on your primary residence(some States will retro pay back up to 3 yrs) 2. College tuituion paid for your dependents 3. Free entry to most State Parks 4. File and more than likely start receiving your Social Security Benefits 5. PX and Comissionary perks
  13. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE 100% CLUB!!!! 1. Primary residence tax exemption(some states will pay you back for up to 3yrs) 2. Some states have free tuition plus a stipend for dependents 3. Entrance to majority of State Parks free or least 50% off price 4. PX and Comissionary privileges 5. Fly overseas on MAC flights(Space available for reduce rate)
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