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  1. If anyone can provide additional information or advice I would appreciate it. My son graduated high school age 20 in 2013. In 2011 he was dropped without notice. I put in a claim May 2011 and it was approved March 2013 however, they withheld all my back pay since I am 50% and receive concurrent receipt. I have verified with the Navy Finance Center the VA received their audit with what the VA owes me. They accomplished this within one month. Even though the VA has all the information they will not release the funds because Indianapolis Regional Office says they are to backlogged. They can't even tell me when the funds will be released.

    Now, my son is in college still living at home and I had submit another dependency claim so, here I go again and 2011 has yet to be completely resolved. What do I do? Help PLEASE!

  2. My son graduated from high school at age twenty in 2013 however, the VA removed him in 2011. I filed a claim in 2011 and it did not get approved till March 2013. The VA told me they needed to do an audit to ensure I have not been overpayed. I ensured the Navy Finance Center sent the information since I receive concurrent receipt. To date March 2014 I have not received my back pay. They have all the required information and still they tell me they are backlogged and will not give me a date for my backpay. Any help or direction would be extremely appreciated.

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