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  1. do I go to the VA asd see a doc ?

  2. Hello to all, been here since April 2014, doing a lot of reading, my journey has been just that, I joined the Air Force in 1970, because I had been drafted, I stayed 9 years and got out because I just received my seventh PCS assignment, I always regretted getting out because I didn't have anything to show for my 9 years, fast forward to 2000, I joined the AF Reserves at the age of 48, got activated in 2003 for 4 months, and in 2011 when I turned 60 I had 20 years. I live in the Atlanta area. Have yet to go to the VA here, just have 3 DAV visits. Look forward to gathering some good advice and good orderly direction from seasoned veterans here. Thank You
  3. Hello to all, I served from 1970 to 1979 in the USAF. In 2000 when I was 48, I joined the AF Reserves,I was activated in 2003 for 4 months and retired in 2011 when I was 60. I opened a claim through a DAV office which was denied for double vision in 2012. I have not gone to any VA hospital, I am now having some issues and really need to talk to someone, yesterday I called the !-800 VA number and I asked where do I go and he said he could open a claim on the phone ? I said surely I need to go to the VA and talk to someone ? he said no. My issues stem from working at Dover De and I never have shared that part of my life, so that is why I'm here, I joined Hadit.com last year in April . This is my first post, and I need some help finding a starting point. I really need to get some sort of direction. Thank You
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