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  1. So, I got my BBE in the mail two weeks ago. I was reading through it, and it makes no mention of my scoliosis in the paperwork. Not even a 0% rating. The doc made it a second diagnosis and it says in his the paperwork that it is service connected. How would I go about taking care of this?
  2. I would go stir crazy!
  3. Yeah. No retro yet, but its only been since Friday.
  4. patellofemoral syndrome, right knee 10% Service-Connected 09/06/2007 Request Increase Add Secondary residuals of fractured 11th and 12th ribs 0% Service-Connected 09/06/2007 Request Increase Add Secondary anxiety disorder (claimed as post traumatic stress disorder) 10% Service-Connected 09/06/2007 Request Increase Add Secondary patellofemoral syndrome, left knee 10% Service-C
  5. Trying it out now.
  6. John are you fighting your claim by yourself? What state are you in?
  7. I do not have my BBE yet, so waiting for that. I will update with ratings when I get it, but I suspect a 10% rating for each side. That's just a guess though. Follow this thread and I will post it.
  8. That happened to me. If you submitted two different claims, they might be lumping them together for processing reasons. Check to see if the open one has both claims under contentions.
  9. Claim opened: 4-8-2013 Claim Closed: 6-14-2014 Contentions were: Spine (secondary to broken 11 and 12 rib) Left Knee (increase) Nerve Damage (secondary to Broken 11 and 12 rib) Paragraph 30 Benefits (reopen) I know for sure that the Para 30 benefits were denied. I know what is needed now and will turn in New and Material Evidence for reconsideration. I do not know how the break down has occurred, but my rating went from 30% to 60% now! Waiting on BBE and retro! Any ball parks on how much retro with wife and child? Success!
  10. Hard to say brother. It all depends on your specific claim. Mine was for about a week.
  11. I love my Katy, TX Va clinic. Far more compassionate than the Regional VA.
  12. Claim is at Prep for Notification as of 6/10/2014.
  13. Its all VA Math. use the Disability calculator to make sense of it. http://www.hadit.com/service_connected_disabilities_rating_calculator.php
  14. If it is QTC, use your VSO to get a copy off the VA files.
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