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  1. the war changed all of us that served . they will never understand how it feels to walk around feeling a gun being pointed at ur head with every step you take . and to not even look behind . That's the life I live . I'm just glad I can vent to someone . Then these dumb ass police harassing make nothing any better. signed a pissed off vet
  2. Turn on the blues and reply to my fellow vets is feeling very therapeutic at this moment.
  3. I can't really stand being out in public either . When i'm anywhere but home I notice I move way too quickly . I have a dr's appt tomorrow with my dual clinic psych- Excited about it . As for group counseling , kinda socially detached from normal civilians . I enjoy it when I see a veteran wearing his cap that says war vet . I grin inside . I can't stand the thoughts I have about people , they don't make sense , so I stay home unless I have business to tend to , Aarons to run , or family or medical reasons. Just venting , thanks soulja
  4. Did they finish your claim yet? Just tell them you don't want to talk about your childhood , they won't pressure you about anything you don't wish to speak on . I don't know everything but I am 80% Sc. Ptsd-tennitus-migraines ect....
  5. I went to a C& P exam in oct , All I can tell you is don't be to stressed , the interviewer will ask the questions and you answer them . But if you ever don't want to talk about any particular question , don't be afraid to tell the interviewer you don't want to speak on the incident. They get really in-depth about some questions - i.e. Just make sure you tell them what bothers you and what slows you down as far as being able to function like we could before a combat operation. Hope that was helpful.
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