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  1. Is a similar scenario in that mine also was appealed in September and won that but they only went to when I actually sent in the paperwork in 2015 instead of the intent to file vonapp date of 2014. The appeal on the appeal was granted in early June and it's been two months since then and haven't received anything from the VARO, letter or money. Thinking maybe the DRO is embarrassed that he/she didn't catch that? Also thinking that the RAMP may be getting in the way of the traditional appeals in that they want to show everyone it's working?
  2. I hate to see this us against them but some of the Peggies actually do feel bad they are unable to help. It must be frustrating for some of them that care and can't help because of the top secret clearance you need to view your own appeals. And why the secrecy? As an example of the FY 2017: the va had 377,000+ employees, many in VHA, and a budget of $170b. There are 3.8 million veterans getting va benefits and 1.1 million getting 70% or above. Social security has just as many filings if not more per year and their budget was $1.01 Trillion with 65,000 employees. Six times the budget of va. They mail out 50 million checks a month and have been in business less time than the va: 1930 and 1935. Is one of the problems that the va is so closely linked with the DoD and the pressure of hacking the site that scares the bejesus out of them? If they aren't going to give us access to our private info, why do we have to sign in for no info? I'll be bombarding Phil Roe with questions and see if I can get a few emails to the White House although anything that would come from them won't be in time to do anything for me. Like someone said before, they can wait you out.
  3. Had the appeal granted and closed June 6th according to vets.gov. Naturally Peggy wouldn't corroborate that and after telling them that a few times, vets.gov pulled the appeals from their site and has been down since last week. As one person wrote before, they are actually trying to piss you off. One site says this and the other says nothing. Ebennies is absolutely worthless and now vets.gov has joined that. If you call Peggy for anything on appeals you may as well call the Taco Bell hotline as you will receive about the same amount of help but Taco Bell may send you a coupon. I talked to one Peggy and he said there is more information here that I wished I could tell you but I can't. I would like to see the whining of the va raters and others from disbursement if their bonus checks didn't have a definite date they are deposited and were unaware when the check would show up. They would have to cancel their trip to Bora Bora and settle for Barstow CA. in August. I'm sure the 20 veterans a day suicide is tied into this some way although they say that only 14 of those veterans are dealing with the va. That's only 70% so I'm sure the va would blow that off. Now I forgot what the question was.
  4. auenone


    Is this about as bad as ebennies for getting updates on your appeal? I noticed it said to give them 3 months before it shows up but.........
  5. Talked to a guy at the VA 800# and he said they go back to what your % was when the new claim goes into effect. If you were getting 50% and you were getting $500 and 80% was $1500, you get the balance of $1,000 for that month and on and on. If you have another award and you get 60% during this time, the $1,500 minus whatever you get that month and on and on. I thought when you received 30% it was just months of beginning of award date to claim determination. It always seemed like that before. He said to fax in a letter and have them audit the award back to the start date. Wondering if I'm opening a can of worms? Will see what happens and thanks for the posts.
  6. Appreciate the reply. Been a long road from Vietnam to filing my first claim in 2012. Seems longer since then, almost. Except for a knee replacement that is looming closer each day, I hope I am over this soon. The VA is supposed to be there for us and at times, seems to be the enemy instead. The "logical" thing initially would have them reach out to us with a medical inspection and go from there instead of "misplacing" records and having one of the heads of QTC be a former secretary of the VA and getting C&P's from unqualified specialists, like the gynecologist for sleep apnea? Merry Christmas to all and hope things work out faster than eventually. Thanks for all of the replies.
  7. Just single with no dependents. I calculated using $400/mo. Received 6K from VA in single payment, no money on award before that. I know she is gone. Sort of my little eulogy.
  8. I think I need to uncomplicate, for me, my question from before. To make it more to the point, I filed (according to VA) on 04 May 2015 and the award was given on September 20 2017. The award was for 30%. Approximately how much should I have received monetarily for the reward? I count 28 months. Thank you for any help. And thank you Carlie for all of your posts over the years. Accurate and to the point.
  9. I totally agree with you. Last time they did the same thing and the "computer" figured it out and everything was good. I did get the award and I am happy getting this SC'd for her benefit in case it kills me. I'll let it ride and see what happens. Thank you kllemall for your input.
  10. Thanks Gastone, I did a start date in May of 2014 on ebenefits to hold the claim to that date. I filed the 3 contentions in May of 2015 within a year of the start date. Two contentions were granted and the 3rd was deferred. Later received letter that the 3rd was denied. Then filed the Reconsideration and that also was denied. This is the reconsideration: Status of Your Claim COMPLETE Submitted: 11/02/2015 (Compensation) Claim Closed: 07/13/2016 Disabilities Claimed: cervical spine (New) Current Status: Complete From that point I had a year to file a NOD and was filed in June 2017. So, they gave me 30% which is roughly $400 a month. I received $6K and wondering how they figured all of this out. I'm a happy boy but not sure what happened. Called Peggy and she said something that they weren't done and I didn't know what she was talking about. She didn't explain herself very well. Sort of like me. The effective dates should all be the same but the first 2 are May 2014 and the 3rd award effective date is May 2015 although all were filed together. Appreciate the help. Thank you.
  11. Thank you Broncovet. I am really bad at the initial posts and usually have to add something later to clear up my original post. I was awarded the two of three contentions initially and filed a reconsideration on the third. That also was denied and filed the NOD with a de novo review with the DRO at the VARO. He approved it and now everything that I wanted I received. My question is: I filed all three in May of 2014 on the VONAPP to reserve a start date with the claims. Had 1 year from that date to file the claim which I did before the one year was up. Did the reconsideration and the NOD and now they have only paid me to May of 2015. Is there something wrong with their dates or is it me? When ask a question I should put in ALL of the relevant information. Sorry about that.
  12. Glad to see a lot of cases that have been won here although many have taken way too much time. The wheel does turn but slowly. I won my appeal and was awarded money back to May of 2015. I had filed for 3 contentions in May of 2014 and was awarded two of them and this one was denied. Couldn't quite understand why this was denied and filed for reconsideration. That too was denied and filed the nod before the year was up. I'm asking why the award wasn't dated back to 2014 when all 3 of the contentions were filed? Thank you for any clarification on this and good luck to everyone.
  13. Thanks again for the replies. An update: Received 20% extra for my knee after the MRI. The appeals lady that called to tell me that, looked at my cervical spine claim and didn't understand why I didn't receive the award for my neck. That was January of 2016. So, reconsideration denied and now have a medical opinion from an ortho doctor that was a trauma surgeon in Afghanistan that retired as a light colonel and his PA that says the sequela (like that word) of events in vietnam are directly related to my wounds and the landing on my head in jump school is 50% or greater that my neck was injured from looking at the MRI, CT and radiologist reports. Also, the spinous process on T1 is directly related to the blast trauma. My brother is an RN and told me beforehand that if I have an orthopedic injury to go to an ortho doc. Both qtc doctors said the separation exam showed nothing. I looked at one of the forms, 88, and the doctor went down the list and marked one box but got the foot and leg wounds on the wrong sides. So I'm thinking the doc never asked me anything on this form but filled it out himself. Also, there are wrong dates for wounds in the evidence section on the qtc (notice I didn't capitalize that) medical opinion that the doctor wrote. Anyone reading this should pay attention to the gentlemen that are helping on this forum as they have been here done that and have been a help and inspiration for me to keep this going. It was so frustrating a few times that I wanted, badly, to quit. But forums like this and family help. Thanks and I will keep you posted.
  14. Thank you for the reply. The appeal period ended in August of last year. It has to be a reopened claim and I intend to get at least one but more likely two dbqs from Ortho docs instead of the internal medicine specialists furnished by the VA and QTC. My brother has been an RN for over 40 years and he just laughs and shakes his head on the VA "needs to complain and whine" medical evidence and other types of doctors instead of the type you should see. I was launched from a grenade and claymore mine that blew up, I think, at the same time as the next thing i knew i was on the ground 8ish feet away. That is #1 as an event. Without service medical to say i complained about neck is #2, The third part that VA wants is something wrong medically that can be traced to #1: I have severe cervical spine arthritis and fusion on the left side of my neck as #3. Explosion came from right and grenade from in front as the front of my legs got the shrapnel. The event (#1)comes from BS/w V award and #3 comes from the VA. The appeals lady from the VARO that called for my knee disability upgrade looked at the evidence and opined that she didn't understand why i didn't get the award for neck. I'm thinking that i will have to prove my spine can do the range of motion tests and my neck and knee were "compromised" in the explosions. Thanks again.
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