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  1. I wish my husband did NOT qualify for SMC R1 and I'm really afraid of when he qualifies for R2...my husband has ALS.
  2. R1, husband has ALS, after thinking pay is approximately $7.4K, I as caregiver get no payment - thought I saw some where that I could. As I understand it, only those who enlisted after 9/11 qualify for that - seems unfair to me though...we older caregivers need it more than younger caregivers (LOL)!
  3. Approximately $7.5K per month is the amount now but that includes cola's. You'll be getting the check very soon, based on our experience, I'm so sorry but remember you paid dearly for it...spend it wisely - God bless!
  4. Thank you so much for responding! Anything that you can find out for me would be greatly appreciated! I will get started on the paper work asap. Did you go through the PVA? They have been wonderful so I think I'll get with them about this too.
  5. Because of my 100% disability because of ALS I was awarded the Special Adaptive Housing (SAH) Grant. What types of things can this be used for? I know about ramps and grab bars but with almost $68K surely there are other things that would work. Specifically I would like a small screened in porch on the back of my house. This would be the perfect place for me to rest and relax and forget about my personal problems. Has anyone here used their grant?
  6. Because of my 100% disability from ALS, I was also automatically qualified for the Special Adaptive Housing (SAH) Grant. What type of things can this be used for? I know about ramps and grab bars but with almost $68K there must be much more that would be allowable. Specifically I was hoping to be able to add a screened in porch to the back of the house - that would be a perfect place to rest and relax and forget my personal problems!!
  7. That is my point. I am receiving $3700 - I originally thought that I would receive 100% disability which I thought would be $3000. When I received my rating letter it stated I did in fact get the 100% rating and also a SMC- L. When I started checking why I received $700 more than I thought I would, I found several sites that stated that the SMC is "in addition to" the basic disability and that the monetary value for SMC-L is $3700. So my question was should I get both together ($6700) or is it in fact the $3000 plus $700 for the SMC instead of "in addition to". I am very happy (and surprised) with the $3700 - I just wanted to double check and make sure I (and my wife) are getting everything that is due us. I have ALS and my wife could be a widow shortly.
  8. So you think that I really should get $3,000 for the 100% disability AND $3,700 for the SMC-L for a total of $6,700 a month??? It just sounds to good to be true....
  9. Let me clarify...I was just diagnosed with ALS and I was told I would be given an automatic 100% disability rating. I went through the PVA and I was awarded 100% (approximately $3K/mo) plus I was awarded SMC-L. When I did my research (this is completely new to me and my wife) several places stated that "in addition to" I would get approx. $3700. So I was expecting $6700 - don't get me wrong - I'm grateful for the $3700 and if that is the amount - no problem. I just didn't want a mistake to happen and we not know about it. Thanks for you time and information!!
  10. Does one get basic 100% disability plus SMC-l at the same time? I don't want to appear greedy but I thought I would basically get double what they deposited in my account yesterday.
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