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  1. I just enrolled in the independent living program through voco rehab.I was told i will get a good computer and printer. Anyone else know anything about this program?
  2. My case worker from opm yet.Just email me back and said he sent me a certified letter yesterday. I wonder if this is a good thing
  3. No my supervisor filed it out the day i gave it to him
  4. How long for opm.Yes i filed for social security disability
  5. Not yet just found out that I had a case worker yesterday
  6. Just got 100 percent disabled total and permanent. Do you guys think this will help my opm case?
  7. How did it take to get approved? I filled in November 2014.I just got 100 percent disabled total and permanent
  8. Ok guess I should just kick back and take care of myself
  9. Homebound pretty much is permanent and total? Heck no i can't work
  10. I just got 100 percent disabled for seizures tbi and ptsd .100 seizures alone plus homebound what is homebound? 70 ptsd Smc i don't understand nothing
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