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  1. Independent living

    I just enrolled in the independent living program through voco rehab.I was told i will get a good computer and printer. Anyone else know anything about this program?
  2. Opm

    My case worker from opm yet.Just email me back and said he sent me a certified letter yesterday. I wonder if this is a good thing
  3. Opm

    Been on keppa for awhile
  4. Opm

    Permanent seizures
  5. Opm

    Damn not good
  6. Opm

    No my supervisor filed it out the day i gave it to him
  7. Opm

    How long for opm.Yes i filed for social security disability
  8. Opm

    Not yet just found out that I had a case worker yesterday
  9. Opm

    I got a case worker from opm
  10. Opm

    Just got 100 percent disabled total and permanent. Do you guys think this will help my opm case?
  11. How did it take to get approved? I filled in November 2014.I just got 100 percent disabled total and permanent
  12. Smc S1

    Thanks i have a 9 year old son.
  13. Smc S1

    Ok guess I should just kick back and take care of myself
  14. 100% Seizures

    Homebound pretty much is permanent and total? Heck no i can't work
  15. 100% Seizures

    I just got 100 percent disabled for seizures tbi and ptsd .100 seizures alone plus homebound what is homebound? 70 ptsd Smc i don't understand nothing