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  1. today my claim for iu went from gathering of evidence to complete also I got a call from st.pete to inform me that my claim needed to be authorized and also they wanted to confirm some personal info.what does it all mean? the person who call said that she didn't have any other info regarding my claim.
  2. leonard carpenter

    Extrascedular And Iu

    I was denied for ssdi but was granted disability for my service connected low back condition,which I was granted extrasceduler consideration for. my claim for iu is at prep for a decision with no c&p schedule at this time. any guesses at this time would be welcome as to what the rating board maybe thanking.
  3. I was granted extrascedular consideration for sc back condition at an additional 10% , I don't meet the requirement of iu I'am only 40% combined my question is can I be granted iu based on extrascedular consideration of my sc back condition with I received disability retirement based on my back condition.
  4. leonard carpenter

    Remand For Extrasceduler

    I was granted a entitlement for extra-scheduler evaluation for lumbar strain,evaluation is increased to 20%.how will this affect my claim for iu.I was retired thru opm for my sc low back pain only,my eed for the 20% is 4/03/2009.my combined rating is 40%.which I'am already at.i'am at additional evidence being reviewed maybe the additional evidence is my ss records that the varo requested and my va form 21-8940.
  5. leonard carpenter

    Remand For Extrasceduler

    berta,i was denied for ssdi their reasons was that looking at my health problems I do not qualify for benefits on this claim. opm reguired me to apply for ssdi as part of my application process,also opm said that it was normal to be denied at first but I will have to apply again sometime in the future
  6. leonard carpenter

    Remand For Extrasceduler

    berta, today 5/14/2014 ebenifit say that my social security record for disability was requested,my application for ssdi was denied stating that under their standard I was not disable but thru opm I was approve for disability retirement solely on my back condition.my question is this significant.
  7. leonard carpenter

    Remand For Extrasceduler

    berta, I was told by the regional office in st.pete that my c-file is in Washington at compensation services,not the bva for them to look at my appeal for extraschedular,is this normal?
  8. leonard carpenter

    Remand For Extrasceduler

    berta. what a fenderson rating
  9. leonard carpenter

    Remand For Extrasceduler

    berta yes to tdiu and yes to that is my bva discision. thanks everybody.
  10. leonard carpenter

    Remand For Extrasceduler

    berta my docket # is 09-31-200
  11. my appeal is on remand at the st.pete regional office,at this time it a question as to where my c-file is at.the 1800# say it at the bva ,the bva say it at the regional office.i've tried a iris request but that haven't helped any at all. my appeal went to the bva was denied,to cavc and was returned to the bva on a remand for extrasceduler consideration for low back condition for which I,am sc.i was recently retired from usps on disability from opm because of my back condition.

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