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  1. Any luck with the timeline? We applied 36 days ago and it's not even close. Doc filled out wrong form 3 weeks ago and it's got everything messed up. Now, they're sending me to a neuropsych 5 weeks from now for eval. I'm 100% with 70% of it PTSD. It's going to be well over 45 day. Heck - gunna be over 90 days for sure. I really don't think they're doing it right and afraid I'm getting the shaft. In the meantime, my fiancé can't financially stay home with me and staying alone is getting dangerous. Multiple panic attacks, etc. I seldom drive anymore because it's too risky. Have kept kids home from school on my really bad days because I simply can't be alone. No clue how I'm going to make it through another 60 days of this. Only took 42 days for my social security.. I keep being told this was supposed to be easy. Just as stressful, if not more stressful than the initial claim for the VA! Suggestions? Sources for help?

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