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  1. TDIU - After Retirement Age

    Thanks, Buck I am 100% P & T TDIU AND have SSDI, so already on Medicare. Hopefully, between TRICARE, Medicare and VA I should be well covered.
  2. TDIU - After Retirement Age

    I believe TRICARE pays first and Medicare covers rest. Thanks for info on emergency room visits. Not even sure our local hospital is in network. Nearest other hospital is 30 min away.
  3. The amount is based on BAH, which may be why some schools call it a housing allowance. :-)
  4. That's correct. I was rated at 100% P&T TDIU.
  5. Wouldn't be a Fry. In conversations and online, the "housing allowance" seems to be what the Chap 35 payment is based on. Most schools give a week or two off in each term and sometimes between terms. One of my sons had those weeks deducted from his Chap 35 pay. I think the other one may have full terms reported because most U. S. students stay there during fall and spring breaks.
  6. 21-4140 -- Did VA Get It?

    Thanks! That's what I'll do.
  7. When I originally filed for OSA, it was denied saying I stated I had it all my life. What I said I had all my life was a lump that the doctor was looking at while we were talking about sleep problems and symptoms he DX as possible OSA. Our VSO suggested I reopen the case after 20 years, and we did. And won. Long story short, I had statements from my wife, two of my adult children, my sister and my room mate from my first duty assignment in the army, all testifying I did NOT have OSA when I entered the army. The OSA was SC after about a year wait. If you have any medical records in service that mention sleep issues, panic attacks, snoring, etc. (symptoms), or were diagnosed within a year of leaving active duty, it may help to file with buddy letters before and after those symptoms appeared. Your sleep doctor may also be able to reasonably determine how advanced your OSA is (not sure of this, but if you haven't had it for decades, maybe a chance). Finally, some things are overturned on appeal unexpectedly. Good luck!
  8. I submitted a 21-4140 in January via mail and fax as a "routine" new year ritual. However, today I got a new one. I'm wondering if they only take these when THEY ask for them, if it just didn't get there or what. Is it safe to fax this document to the VA or should it be sent certified mail... or both? ALSO WONDERING... Does a veteran on TDIU P&T submit one of these every year for life? I'm turning 64 this year and I have not problem with the requirement to submit the form. Just thinking (hopefully, far) ahead to when I can't do such things anymore.
  9. My son will be attending a school in Hungary that is VA eligible next semester. Chapter 35 pays a "monthly housing allowance" in this case, by semester. Do they stop pay when classes break for a week? He still has to stay in the dorm since he can't just fly home whenever school breaks.
  10. TDIU - After Retirement Age

    Thanks to all of you for your input. Unlikely I'd ever report to the VA ER as it's about 100 miles away :-) But it's good to know I have that option if there's a VA nearby when I'm traveling. Buck52, The chart you mentioned didn't seem to post. The info you provided covered most of what I need though, and I really appreciate the detail. I can probably get the info from Social Security about Medicare -- and since I have TRICARE, it will be primary. VA is another wrinkle, but I don't think that affects my dependents. Thanks again, folks!
  11. TDIU - After Retirement Age

    Thanks Buck, My question was more focused on the SSA starting me on Medicare before I turn 65 because I'm on disability. Since I'm a retiree, I also will qualify for TRICARE for Life, which as I understand it is just Medicare without co-pays for some items. Since my family members are under Tricare Prime on my account, I'm wondering what becomes of them when SSA forces me onto Medicare before I'm eligible for TRICARE for Life.
  12. TDIU - After Retirement Age

    Thanks, Gastone. Actually, I'm not on Social Security Retirement. Since I'm on disability, when I reach retirement age, it will just "convert" to regular Social Security. My concern was that when I reach "some age" that Social Security considers retirement or early retirement, employability is no longer an issue. Thanks for the tip on non-VA emergency care. I assume when presenting to the ER, my VA ID card must be used instead of Medicare or TRICare? Any idea where I can find the rules for this as I'm looking at having Medicare forced on me in less than a year. Hooah
  13. I just turned 63. I am rated 100% P&T/TDIU. When I reach 65 and become MEDICARE elegible, will VA benefits based on unemployability automatically end? Would they automatically end at some other retirement point? I don't honestly know for sure, but it seems like if an award is based on unemplloyability, that you'd lose it when you're no longer of working age (not my common sense, but the way the gubment seems to think sometimes :-)
  14. I piggy-backed my diabetes & complications claim on a TDIU claim I filed back in June. The VA awarded the TDIU -- P&T and gave a zero rating for hypertension (reopened) and denied the diabetes contentions. My VSO said I should accept the TDIU and not bother with contesting the claim for diabetes as there is no additional compensation likely. I had considered filing a NOD because I would want my family protected if I died of diabetes complications. Is the VSO's guidance appropriate in a case like this? How likely is it the VA would undo its decision for TDIU if I appealed the diabetes part of the claim?
  15. I was finally able to speak with the person who sent one of the letters. It turns out she works for all three clinics in the Palo Alto region and got me taken care of. When getting fee based services and a choice of doctors, it's a good idea to contact each and learn as much as possible about the providers (the doctors, practice, etc.). The doc I chose is "conservative" in his approach -- meaning no sedation. However, he's a 22 year veteran as an Airforce Dentist. Not sure how the treatment part will go as there is a lot of work to be done and the VA doesn't like to spend a lot on outside care.