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  1. Hey everyone, I recently did a small documentary for my campus movie festival to support Military Veterans getting VA claims. My dad has been trying for around 7 years and has given 22 years of service. I'm trying to share this video because it has the chance to go to Hollywood and be featured and broadcasted. Although, right now the difficulties I'm having are dramas and comedies are in more favor of students. So, I'm reaching out to you guys if you want to watch and possibly share this video. It is a documentary of my dad and him talking about VA claims and other Veterans also trying for VA claims. Thank you. Sincerely, David K? Video: Disabled Military Veterans: Leave no man behind? P.S.: This video was submitted among 123 other videos and only 16 were chosen. This one was a campus winner. We had only a week to shoot and edit. I had three days. I could not have done it without my father. My name did not need to be in the credits. I have until June to get the most views. I was not sure where else on the forums to share this at.

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