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  1. Hello all! While I have referenced these forums before while filling out my paperwork, I haven't used them. My husband had his c&p exam today. I could use a little advice and perspective. We submitted the ptsd claim paperwork in January. [After much encouragement.] My husband is unable to maintain work, has difficulty in all social situations, has regular mood swings, trouble with anger, nightmares to name a few, very regular symptoms. Today, he had his c&p exam and I wasn't sure about the whole experience. The curator was gruff and very short. He told me that he needed to speak to my husband alone. [which I respected, assuming he would need to speak to me afterwards] My husband was with him for about 10-15 minutes. When my husband came back into the room he was really shaken. I understand this exam can be difficult, but my husband isn't very easily shaken. He was sweating, I mean like a lot. I realized after a few minutes that we were excused, the curator never came back into the waiting room. I asked the woman behind the desk to speak with him and he came into the waiting room to talk to me. [luckily there wasn't anyone else there] I could barely get out the things I wanted to make sure he knew. [Like the fact that my husband has such restless sleep that I have to sometimes lean on his chest while he is asleep until he calms down] Things my husband wouldn't know to tell him. He basically told me that my husband has severe depression. That we need to call the va to get him on different medication and they can look at his notes on the record. I understand that they have to be through to ensure they are giving to those who need it, I couldn't help but feel like this guy brushed us off. I couldn't get a whole sentence out. I am not a psychologist and I don't mean to questions someone who does this for a living but I am pretty sure my husband has ptsd not just depression, from all of the things I have read. My question is, is it common for the va to diagnose depression instead of ptsd? Is this how most c&p exams go? Also, do we have to fill out a second claim now for the depression? Thank you all for your help. This has been quite a process. I just want to make sure that my husband is able to get help and is taken care of in case anything were to ever happen to me. Thank you!
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