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  1. Still waiting for the VA to process the retro pay. Claim approved and increased in Oct 2012. Letter states and IRIS responses say the VA owes money and will pay when they get to it. Seems like almost three years is a little much. Indianapolis Office. I am thinking about writing my congress representatives but not sure that will do any good either.
  2. I got the brown envelope in Oct 2012 and got an IRIS request about the retro stating that if they owe me anything I will get it when they finally process it. Still waiting for a deposit in line with the amount withheld as stated in the brown envelop.
  3. Thank You Ms. Berta, I got the IRIS response telling me that I am in the line for retro and that if they owe me any, they will pay me when they get to it. I now have it in writing!!!! Thanks for your great advice because they can't lie now.
  4. Absolutely great news. Thanks for helping a brother out!
  5. I would appreciate some opinions on courses of action. I received the brown envelop on Oct 12 on a claim submitted in July 2010. I was awared TDIU and my rating increased from 80% to 90%. The letter explained the withhold for the DFAS audit. Called DFAS and was told that they had done the audit and forwarded it to the VA in January 13. In Mar of 13, saw in the ebenefits that there was an administrative review that decreased one of my SCs from 20 to 10 without changing my overall rating and I received the corresponding letter stating that as a fact. I have been waiting for the retro and the DAV keeps telling me that I am in line. In April, the ebenefits posted an authorization review and said that a decision letter was sent and that appeal was possible. Nothing in the mail at all so far. Still waiting for retro pay. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. I apologize for putting this here. Probably not the right forum. Anyway, I now know that I can post. Thanks.
  7. Way to go!!!! Now you just have to wait but hopefully not for long!!
  8. I have been waiting for awhile for the VA to finish retro payment. Got the brown envelope in Oct 2012 granting TDIU and raising my percentage from 80 to 90 percent. DFAS completed the audit in Jan 2013 and sent to the VA. According to the DAV Rep, I am on a waiting list for the retro to be paid because everyone is working to bring down the claims numbers. The VA performed an administrative audit in March of 2013. Last month in April of 2014, the VA conducted and authorization review. Haven't heard anything to date. Claim was filed in July 2010. This is the Indianapolis Office. Any suggestions? I have been waiting patiently for over 18 months for the retro. Maj Bad
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