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  1. I appreciate the In-depth response Navy. I guess I was given some conflicted information in regards to the program. Then again everyone has been so very vague on every point of Caregivers from what it is to WHY I have been denied. Either that or I'm in the right and I'm just giving up hope. If I do not qualify then that is that and I am very satisfied to know something for once with the VA. Physically can I bathe, feed, etc? Yes I can but that can be so very vague black and white you know. What I have is the mental aspect of the criteria to where....I can't really leave the house or drive, it's a safety hazard to cook, memory problems severe enough to interfere with even simple tasks such as taking meds, sleeping problems that interfere with daily living (just came back from a sleep study that I had to be sent home early for not being able to sleep at all), anxiety, so on and so forth. I am sorry to hear your condition you are in Navy and I do wish you the best of luck and you for damn sure deserve Caregivers Program.
  2. Every time we have applied we get denied with no real reason. It is always vague and on our official denial letter from appealing the first paragraph states. " Thank you for your letter requesting clinical appeal regarding your application to the Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers Program. The information you sent when requesting this appeal as well as your clinical information used to determine eligibility was thoroughly reviewed by the Caregiver Support Appeal Committee. This multidisciplinary committee determined that you do not qualify for the Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers Program." After said sentence it is a couple pages about the appeal process. I have not had a doctor officially label me as housebound and as far as that goes I do not know who to speak to to make that possibly happen. I do have on my records memory loss and I have made it clear to every doctor I've spoken to that I do not and cannot drive due to the PTSD. It seems like half the time they will pick one topic out of a list I give and ignore everything else making anything I do or say hopeless and void. For Caregivers Program I need Mental "AND" Physical to be approved? I have always been told that it can be either or and does not have to be both but then again as I have said all we ever get are very vague answers on anything and it gets very frustrating when I just want to know what is going on. I would also like to ask as well what is this SMC S program you speak of? I have never heard or been told of the program.
  3. Hello I feel very new to the whole VA system as I have only been out a little over 1 year and I have been tripping every step I take. I am 100% PTSD service connected TDRL and I am trying to apply for Caregivers Program. I have looked online and from what I think, my wife thinks, and my friend thinks (whom of which is also 100% service connected with PTSD and was able to get caregivers very quickly) I could qualify for caregivers based on some pretty vague criteria I have read up on for PTSD. We have applied twice and shot down damn near instantly both times on the phone first call and appealed once and was denied yet again. I do not know what I may or may not need or if there is some hidden criteria not being explained. Every time we have been denied a reason is never given and just a very vague "I am sorry but you do not qualify for the Caregivers Program". My PTSD pretty much has me house bound and my wife acts as a caregiver and takes care of me. Any advice, information, clarification, etc would be greatly appreciated and I apologize if I am being too vague.

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