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  1. Endofrope

    How To Update Ebenefits Info

    This may seem minor but since I have been trying to do my case on ebenefits, I have been running into issues. So when I called ebenefits about it, they said it is because VA has my last name as one thing (my current name for the last 5yrs) and ebenefits still have my maiden name. But I have been getting the run around to get it updated. I don't understand why it wouldn't have been updated anyway when I updated VA and I don't understand why it has to be so confusing. it seems like nobody knows how to update it. I keep getting transferred to offices that do not answer or no longer deals with it, and when I was suppose to have had the right office, I faxed them my marriage certificate but its still not updated and its been about 2 months. I called VA to see if they had an office that could do it but no. Can I go to a base or something? Or do someone know a direct number or address I could send the info to? This is soooo frustrating!
  2. I am putting together my FDC and as I read and get more understanding of the process, I want to add TBI due to my incident. My current injuries stem from my incident that occurred in 2005. If I add TBI can I put that it occurred at the time of my injury in 2005? I went to the doctors about 2 weeks after the incident but I did not report TBI specifically then I just reported that I fainted out the shower and woke up on the marble floor. I reported pains I was feeling at the time and I wasn't sure how long I was laying there. Looking up the symptoms of TBI, i believe it explains a lot of things that I have been experiencing throughout these years. It's a long ways from 2005 but dealing with the VA, my own medical issues (depression, etc), and misunderstandings time flies... but God is giving me the strength to fight back and not let the VA/military still my life from me. I was completely healthy going in and now I'm not even able to work right now and I'm only getting 20%. I'm just doing the work and letting God take care of the results. Thanks for all the help and encouragement here...it has been a blessing in pushing me forward.
  3. I wanted to find out if VA has a program to help with gas assistance for VA appts? The VA is requesting me to go to so many appts but we literally do not have the money for the gas it is costing us. It is already really tight with me not working and my husband just got a new job but because we are behind on everything, we run out of money before the next pay (he gets paid every 2 wks). It is at a point that I can't go to the appt they want me too because we don't have enough gas. It is really embarrassing but I know things are about to change around soon so I'm keeping hope. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  4. I was in Ebenefits looking at my cases and I see that I have 2 unclosed cases from 2007. I can't see the forms but it shows I submitted them in 2007. I currently have a FDC in process, what am I suppose to do about the Un closed cases? How do I get them settled and/oor information about them? Also do this mean that when they settled I would get back pay from those dates? Thank you
  5. Thank you silverdollar22 I will check that out. John999 I have started my application online. The hardest part for me {with dealing with my injuries} has been not underestimating and bring honest. It's hard to admit that I'm not as dependent as I was. It's hard dealing with it but it seems harder to say. I never liked feeling like I was complaining or the thought that people might feel "sorry for me" or treat me different.
  6. Just wondering if it's better to file one before the other? I'm trying to get everything together but it's a lot to try and do both at the same time. But I will if necessary. Also, is there a post or something that tells how to put together the papers for fdc? I got a copy of my medical records from va and it's a lot of forms and a lot of irrelevant forms as well. Thanks
  7. Endofrope

    Filing Fdc

    Thank you Navywife for your reply. I will put in for it.
  8. Yeah I was thinking about filing my fdc and if I have to appeal (hopefully not) MAYBE look to get a lawyer. And the same for ssdi. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. Endofrope

    Filing Fdc

    Ok. Thank u. @navywife no I didn't during golf war. I'll just continue to collect evidence and wait to see what my dr say.
  10. Endofrope

    Filing Fdc

    Also, I dont have any records of my depression and anxiety because I just finally decided to tell my dr to get help because I can't take it anymore. It was really hard and I've kept it a secret from most people (even my husband didn't know) because I always had a problem sharing that type of stuff that I thought would make ppl "cater" to me. Even with my disability because I don't like talking about my military background and the incident (bc I consider it embarrassing), I didn't tell my employers and since I was in the office by myself majority of the time and had a key to the office, I was able to go back at night with husband to finish things I was unable to finish etc. So my last employer wouldn't be able to say how my disability affected me.
  11. I have a service connected disability have records showing how the injury has affected me throughout the years and affected my work history where I had to take off work 1 and a half years then went back part time (16 hrs a wk) to see if it would affect me which it did so after being there 2 yrs (and husband coming in after his job to help me) I finally left in 2013. I wanted to know could i file based on this information? I am having a lot of apps and is in extreme physical pain which has caused some mental and emotional pain from dealing with this so long. The problem is that the injury occurred but the doctors do not know what's wrong. They do not have an official medical diagnosis. I spoke to my Dr yesterday and explained to her that I am in a very bad place because I'm not working because of the extreme pain and that it do not make sense that they cannot tell me what's wrong so ssdi has not approved me because there's no diagnosis, Va is only paying 20%, and I can't work because of the injury and i was perfectly healthy when i entered the military. Its all very stressful and we are really struggling financially. She said she think I may have myalgia and chronic pain and something else and she thinks the depression, anxiety, and insonnia is coming from it but she wants to run more test. Can I file for based on this so far? Since its an ongoing process?
  12. I currently have 20% rating. I first received 10% in 2005 when I got out of active duty then in about 2010 after reopening claim it went to 20%. At that time I didn't understand how the process went. This time around I was considering getting a lawyer through allsup.com or fight4vets.com. I wanted know others experience. I was told it helps the process and time frame. What do you guys think?

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