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  1. Great news Philgrenier. Hopefully you will have a decision soon. I finally got my retro this week so it was definitely a great week. Maybe Friday the 13th isn't such a bad day for you. Keep us updated on your status. All the best!!
  2. Thanks Philgrenier. Keep the faith brother. Things will happen for you in time. I will keep you and everyone else who is in this situation in my thoughts.
  3. Great news. Claim finally closed and AB8 is showing increase from 60% to 90%. Now to wait for the BBE to see what the ratings are.
  4. So my claim had movement today. It went from Prep for Decision to Pending Decision Approval to Preparation for Notification all in the matter of an hour. My AB8 has not changed yet but I have read that it doesn't until the status goes to Complete. I am just hoping that I do not go backwards again and that my claim closes out soon. It has now been 1 year and 2 months since I filed for multiple contentions.
  5. I had the same thing happen to me yesterday when checking the status of my claim. The dates of What we are still waiting on from third parties kept changing. The dates were completely wrong because they were prior to when I had my C&P exams. My claim has been open for over a year now and it has gone back and forth several times from stage to stage. It was back in Gathering of Evidence yesterday when the date changes kept happeneing and now today it is in Preparation for Decision. I think seeing date changes could be a good thing and it might mean someone is working on your claim. Then again, it could just be Ebennies messing with our minds. Best of luck to you and hopefully we will both have some good news shortly.
  6. Claim just moved back to Prep for Decision. At least I know someone is working on my file and hopefully I will have the same luck as some of the other people and move rather quickly from this stage. FIngers crossed.
  7. So my claim is now at a year and 3 months and it has moved back and forth so many times that my head is spinning. I just completed 2 more C&P exams in April and my claim finally moved to Pending Decision Approval. Then yesterday it moved back to Gathering of Evidence. I called "Peggy" and was told that it looks like an administrative matter and I should not have to have any more C&P exams. I'm tired of being told that my claim is almost finished and when I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel, the darkness sets in again. I did file for multiple contentions so I understand that takes a while but it just seems like things are stalled. Anyone have similar situation and if so, what was the outcome? I reveiwed all of my C&P exmas and they were all favorable for the conditions I am claiming. Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated. "AIRBORNE"
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