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  1. Buck, This happened to me at the beginning of the year. I had four claims in since May 2016 and Ebennies kept bounces back and forth from gathering of evidence to prep for decision. Finally this past January it went to prep for decision and a date of mid Feb. It went to prep for notification mid January and the next day it went back to gathering of evidence with nothing else needed. Later that same day Ebennies showed that they decided 3 of the 4 claims and deferred one. I was told by Peggy that the gathering of evidence was just a place holder in Ebennies while they decided my 4th c
  2. Hamslice, Did you send your C-file request to your RO or to Janesville? Scott
  3. UPDATE: Got my BBE yesterday and as expected DENIED. I understand why I was denied and can live with it for now. My first issue is how can a Psychologist opine, during my C&P, that my NSC Sleep apnea and the fact that my CPAP doesn't help that much is the cause for my Insomnia and anxiety. Would that type of Medical opinion have to come from a Sleep specialist? My second issue is: I'm mainly trying to get my insomnia and anxiety secondary connected to my tinnitus and that is what my VA MH Dr. is treating me for. So, in the following paragraph wouldn't this constitute a nexus for
  4. Hamslice I have tried it out and it does not affect your claim. In my opinion its not as useful or helpful as ebennies. So far all you really can do is submit a claim, check status of your disability, education and health claims. The only positive thing I noticed is that you don't need a ds login to use it.
  5. All, I was just scrolling thru the "M21-1 Changes By Date" on the KnowVA site and came across the below info for the new GW Presumptive date. I thought I would share. The presumptive period for manifestation of qualifying chronic disability under 38 CFR 3.317 begins on the date following last performance of active military, naval, or air service in the Southwest Asia theater of operations during the GW, and extends through December 31, 2021.
  6. LATEST UPDATE: Had my C & P Exam the other day for Adjustment Disorder Secondary to my S/C'd Tinnitus. The Examiner said it was more inline with Unspecified Anxiety Disorder and not the Adjustment Disorder my MH Doc said I had. The Examiner wrote the Adjustment disorder as "The condition claimed is less likely than not (less than 50% probability) proximately due to or the result of the Veteran's service connected condition." So my question is So my question is...Obviously I still need to wait for the BBE but if/when I'm denied would I appeal and change the contention to
  7. Hi All, I've got a question about submitting a depression/adjustment disorder claim on ebenennies. When I submitted the claim to include sleep disturbances and anxiety. Hit save and continue and the next page said I claimed Ptsd. It gave me the option of answering the questions or not. So, is this typical for depression/adjustment disorder? If so, do I answer the questions or if not, skip the questions? Any help would be appreciated. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Scotter
  8. Try this link, I posted it a week or two ago on hadit. http://www.knowva.ebenefits.va.gov/system/templates/selfservice/va_ss/#!portal/554400000001018?LANGUAGE=en&COUNTRY=us
  9. I was just on the VA website and saw this on the Compensation page. It looks like a one stop shop for Disability Comp. If you scroll over the topics on the left side there are drop down menu's. It looked to be the entire 38CFR, M21-1 and M21-4 as well. There's info for Ebennies and much more. Online Resource for Veterans KnowVA, the knowledge database that provides Veterans and the public access to the same information that VA uses to process and make decisions on benefits claims, is now available online. Scotter04
  10. After a C&P or any VA appt. you feel like the Dr. or whoever it was threatening in any way or even rude, find the Patient Advocate's office. They are supposed to be there for us Vets when something like this happens. The incident will be documented in your own words. Sorry you had to go though that Tdubya82.
  11. Wingnut, When I received the 5103 Notice I called the 1-800# and asked if they saw my evidence I submitted in my file. I was told that they were looking right at it. They explained to me that, in my case, the 5103 gave the VA 30 days to schedule my C&P's and submit their ruling. I still submitted my evidence again just incase. Suprisingly enough all my C&P's were done within the 30 days. I suggest calling the 1-800# and submitting your evidence again. JMO Scotter
  12. ArmyVet, Look up FAST LETTER 10-35, it has all MOS/Career Fields that were/ may have been exposed to noise. there are three stages-severe, moderate and non existant (or something along those lines). If your MOS was in the severe to moderate range this letter will add weight to your claim but, depending on your examiner, is not a slam dunk win. Take a copy of the Fast Letter to your C&P exam and show the examiner your MOS in the table have them make copies and add it to your file and maybe even submit a copy yourself to ensure it gets into your C-file. As mentioned above tell the examin
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