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  1. What is the c file? First I have heard of it. There is a lot of good info here as I have PTSD also.
  2. The summary synopsis said individuals like myself maybe delusional and psychotic, isolate themselves, have relationship issues. On and on and on. It was also suggested that I malingered during the test when I stated in the above post that the administrator made me very very mad. So anyone taking these brain shredding tests, don't get mad.
  3. I have had 70% since 08 slow on TMT part B had to be discontinued WMS-r...... this is where the guy made me mad. I went up in flames. "I did not put forth maximum effort" severe range on BAI severe range onBDI2 this testing was done to see where my anxiety issue was coming from.
  4. I had forgotten to add my doc had sent me for testing about the anxiety, lack of focus, concentration. I believe it was the gai (sic) or a DSM. The report was 80 + percent on both anger and anxiety. The examiner testing me would not answer a question so I could understand it after testing had begun, I got too worked up and the testing had to be stopped because I wouldn,'t answer correctly ,even the examiner gave the correct . I was too angry. My rating is 70 percent. I should have included this in my first post.
  5. Hello, I was a marine for many years, have ptsd all the anxiety,deppression and am now working at a Va hospital as a housekeeper. Its pretty much the only job I can hold down. I wanted to go to LPN school, however I don't believe I can do it because of the anxiety attacks, almost daily I have them. I have to leave the area till I get myself together. Working on a patient and having one just would not be good.. I have wanted to throw a few of my shrinks out the window because of the frustration I feel when I am told I am wrong and I know that I am right. I failed the "proven treatment program". Have a new doc this week. I hope he will actually listen instead of lecture. I feel stuck because of the above and I don't see any improvement any time soon. Anyway hope I can contribute to the board somehow.
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