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    Hello All

    Hello everyone . Im a 29 year old who served in the Army from Aug. 2005 to Sept. 2012. Mt first enlistment was for 3 years and I re-enlisted for another 4. I served 2 tours Iraq (OIF4,5,8). Was stationed at JSS Maverick and FOB Victory. I was injured due to 2 IED explosions and 1 fall from a tower. I was not MED boarded out. Lets see. I was stationed at Ft Lewis and Ft Bliss. Ive had a claim through the VA since Aug of 2013. The whole claim experience is confusing to me. I goto the Detroit Medical Center which a complete and utter nightmare/ disaster. Trying to get help there is like trying to sleep on a airfield. Ive been reading alot of posts on here and has somewhat helped with my anxiety. Anyways dont know what else to write hope to hear and read more form everyone.

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