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    Any Help

    Here are some websites that VRE program evidently uses for their traing and guidelines: http://www1.va.gov/op3/ http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/vre/epss/vreo_pss/jobaids/index.html
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    Voc Rehab Appointment Went Poorly

    I had a similar terrible experience with my first session today... counselor told me I was "unemployable" due to my medical records, college grades and work history. He said he didn't want to recommend me to any employers because if they got a bad referral (me). If I had a seizure on the job, if I acted inappropriately, if I couldn't meet deadlines, if I weren't organized, etc. the employer might not use the program any more. He even went so far as to opine that this was why I lost my last job (I was laid off due to offshore outsourcing). I'm really lost here. Sent an email to the VRE SD but not really expecting a reply... the San Diego Regional Office VRE makes it really hard to get in touch with them (even the VA Regional switchboard doesn't have their correct phone number). Seems they are in the business of laying low and not doing anything. My group (of three!) was told by orientation guy that we wouldn 't have to wait long because three councelors did not have any interviews scheduled that day. Should I post this in a new discussion? - LB

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