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  1. I JUST GOTTA RANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are some doctors adversarial in writing a nexus statement. Your not asking for the doctor to lie, but just offer a legal opinion on connectivity. It would only take 15 minutes or less, you are helping a veteran, and the Hippocratic oath somewhat compels you to assist. I know I stretched the Hippocratic Oath part, but you get the idea. I think sometimes physicians make the issue more than what it is. The medical test should confirm the sickness or injury and afterwards its a doctor truthfully connecting the issue. Just seems more doctors could be more veteran friendly.
  2. If claiming sleep apnea secondarily to service connected rhinitis, is it important to include a DBQ? The doctor has agreed to write a detailed nexus statement supporting the service connected rhinitis to OSA. All comments are welcomed......... NEVER GIVE UP
  3. I have a friend attempting to service connect SA to Rhinitis. This is good information. What we have gathered so far. 1. Service connected disability. 2. Sleep Study confirming OSA. 3. Nexus Statement from doctor: a. Needs to properly explain how the rhinitis condition contributes, manifest, or hinders comfortable sleep. b. Nexus needs to state t CPAP is required and necessary to the restful sleep and overall health. c. More than likely secondary condition is a contributing issue to current OSA. 4. Script for CPAP. NEVER GIVE UP.........
  4. Go to ebenefits and look under payments. They could have the deposit amounts.
  5. Fat

    Rating Sheet

    What form is used to request a copy of your VA disabilities and ratings. Years back, I called 1800-827-1000 and they sent it to me. All Information is appreciated. NEVER GIVE UP
  6. This website is priceless in helping navigate the VA process. But veterans please understand the process and put yourself in good standing to avoid headaches. The number one thing to do is getting your medical records and documenting/notating all sick call and injury visits. If you still suffer residuals, go get a test by verifiable medical means to see if the ailment is still present. Next visit a specialist, and inform him you are a veteran, suffer from a ailment, and let him see your medical records. Ask him in his honest professional opinion if it is possible the sickness/injury is related to military service. You then have the foundation for a successful claim. If I and many friends would have comprehended these first steps, the wait would have been shorter and the process navigated less stressfully. Evidence wins. NEVER GIVE UP
  7. Hang in there. A lot of veterans are in your situation. At least you have a grant and not a denial or remand. NEVER GIVE UP
  8. The answer isn't the number of claims submitted, but the evidence supporting each claim. Many veterans want to protect the earliest effective date possible, but if the evidence aint right, it won't matter. 1. In service episode (sickness or injury). 2. current diagnosis (by medical verifiable means) 3. Connection (nexus from doctor or continuous care) NEVER GIVE UP
  9. Great news.............
  10. This is a great conversation. So the BVA grants go to a big Regional Office hopper and are then rated in the order received. Sounds good. NEVER GIVE UP..............
  11. What is NOVA? a. number ??????????? CAVC telephone number ??????????
  12. I just got to chime in. The time frame is too long. However, initial changes earlier in the process could help tremendously. 1. I would love to see a class explaining the process conducted every Tuesday at every VA hospital/facility explaining the claims process. Simply, most veterans don't have the best understanding of the process ad this would help tremendously. 2. Next, outsource some of the heavier caseloads to Regional Offices with smaller caseloads. I'm convinced a tired worker is more likely to make mistakes when confronted with large case loads. Mistakes prolong a veterans wait times. 3. Last, hire more workers at the Regional Office. Reduce the individual work loads and have no worker with more than 10 claims at any time.
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