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  1. BionicVet, I want to share some information. Opioids are known to raise blood pressure. You may want to consider a HBP claim secondary to neuropathy (pain medicine usage). I'm sorry to post late, but this fact jumped out at me. NEVER GIVE UP.........
  2. How is a claimant notified when his BVA appeal is before a judge. The LEGACY system provided a template showing place in line. However the AMA system states, "waiting for appeal to be sent to judge".
  3. Heading in the right direction with more man power and personnel.
  4. I will add my experience and advice. Its human nature to worry about something which has a direct correlation on your wellbeing. In lieu of that, the only part of the process the veteran can control is medical information they submit. Yes, sometimes information is overlooked with no plausible explanation. However unfortunately its out of the veterans control. I tell vets, focus on the medical information. Medical information is undeniable. Stick to the CALUZA triangle and get your physician to be exact and thorough. Your claims process might be extended by an extra step or two, but eventually the medical evidence will prevail. Stay battle ready, get your medical evidence, be organized, and NEVER GIVE UP.
  5. My TBI story. I encountered a veteran whom was in the Navy stationed in California. He was involved in a physical altercation aboard the ship with another seaman. The results was a pretty bad head injury which came with a nasty 7 inch scar. He spent 4 months in the hospital and awarded 100% due to TBI. This was early 1999 to 2000. I often wonder what happened to him and how the residuals of the injury affect him currently. NEVE GIVE UP.........
  6. Never resided in Florida, but I like the sunshine state. The weather and no state income tax are good too.
  7. Many urologist often connect ED to high blood pressure. ED has many causes, but high blood pressure has been cited. A nexus letter might not be needed, but the office notes need to reflect the ED by high blood pressure causation. Good Luck...........
  8. Good Luck 1454th Solider. Just make sure you understand the claimed disability requirements. If you meet the rating criteria for increase, full steam ahead. Medical evidence is the key.
  9. Ebenefits is like the old model war ship that's being retired. VA.gov is the new nuclear powered ship. I would consult with the ship captain (VSO) and see if they can figure it out. In lieu of being retired, EBENEFITS has served us well.
  10. 500,000 is a huge number. Throw bodies and money at the problem until the issue is resolved. Offer short contracts with the federal government, three years, with medical and pension benefits. Decent pay for a good days work.
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