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  1. Luana2sea

    Keep getting medical information and if possible find any information from your active duty medical file for skin problems or something that links your current condition to your military service time.
  2. Just a Ebenny/Peggy Rant Really

    Funny stuff. Seriously everyone wants great job, with excellent pay. However, no one wants to put in the effort the job demands. Answering veteran questions can get tedious and old; however you took the job full well aware of the job description. No pity from me, do your job and assist veterans like you are supposed too.
  3. After the regional office receives your Form 9 and starts preparing the appeal for the Board of Veteran Appeals, does the regional office take one final look at the appeal to see if it can be resolved before sending the issue to Washington D.C.?
  4. Appeal status

    I will add, if the original 2007 claim was not interrupted and went thru the appeal process, then you should receive a retro payment of 10% (due to going from 80% to 90%) going back to 2007. I would thoroughly investigate how they came about 2 months retro at 10%
  5. Appeal status

    Good luck..............
  6. Good informative article. I will say evidence is king and eventually somebody will connect the dots. The form-9 and 646 probably need to done by the VSO when the form 9 is submitted. I don't know if its possible, but people with the most knowledge should have a hand in its preparation. Also, it would allow the veteran be a part of the final argument before it is docketed in Washington, DC. Just my opinion.................
  7. Been on the DRO roller coaster for a while and unfortunately I feel my evidence hasn't been fully read and comprehended. Strongly recommend sending a evidenced based/organized claim initially and if denied BVA is the next step.
  8. Sorry to get back to you so late Berta. No my mother has passed. I guess I would file the claim in the name of the family. But I first gotta take his DD214 to the VSO to request his personnel file to see if he was ever at Camp Lejeune.
  9. My step father was in the Marines and unfortunately passed from leukemia three years ago. His primary duty station was Camp Pendleton; however I was told all Marines have to attend infantry school before their first duty station. I probably will have to visit a VSO to request his personnel records unless there is another way. Am I on the right path?
  10. 100%!!!!!