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  1. Veteran group member decided to talk to his primary doctor at the VA about a referral to a Neurologist for headaches. He was looking at the rating criteria and was having trouble with some of the rating language. In fact, we all were. LOL............. The confusing terms were prostrating, completely prostrating and severe economic inadaptibility. One veteran says check VA Manuel M 21. We looked but couldn't determine the correct subsection. All comments and help are appreciated.
  2. Veteran Group member wants to file a direct service connection claim for headaches. Some group members say a primary doctor can address the issue. Myself and two others say a neurology doctor is the most appropriate. Which is correct?
  3. I need to clarify my question. Do the Intent to File form applies to supplemental claims (claims closed longer than one year)? All comments are welcomed.
  4. In 2012, I was denied for left knee laxity as a secondary condition to left knee arthritis. I recently came across medical documentation in my file regarding two complaints/incidents of a loose knee while on active duty. I know to get a previous denial opened you would need a supplemental claim form; however can I file left knee laxity on a direct service basis with intent to file? Or do I have to go back through the denied secondary connection route with a supplemental claim? All answers are welcomed.
  5. That's great advice BroncoVet. Also, did your word recognition score and Audio Metric score meet the VA level. It seems you have two issues. A nexus connecting noise exposure MOS to hearing loss and your audiology exam scores meeting VA standards for compensation. Keep that appeal going.
  6. What happens during a C&P exam for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus? I stated, during veteran group discussion, that they do a full audiology exam and question about tinnitus symptoms. Another group member stated, he didn't have a hearing test, but was questioned in detail only about tinnitus. Another veteran said he didn't have a discharge hearing evaluation and that played into his favor because the doctor basically could't establish a baseline and went off of his MOS. Lastly, one veteran was prescribed hearing aides (8 years); however I assume he was service connected due t
  7. For a 50% rating, does prostrating headaches also include definite economic loss (not being able to work vs disruptions of work). I understand prostrating to mean seditary/stationary or laying down until residuals reside. Does it also include debilitating to include sitting down or stopping working until pain subsides. A veteran in our chat group is pretty detailed and has been referred to a neurosurgeon by his primary doctor. He was cited for tension headaches in the Army. The economic loss could be frequent work disruptions to include leaving and going home. Is
  8. DON'T GIVE UP........... Preserve your effective date by continuing your appeal. I would visit a podiatrist or foot surgeon for expert opinion. Scrutinize the decision letter denying the service connect. The BVA is a definite possibility. The Regional Offices are good; however often the original decision is just rubber stamped if the supervisor doesn't pull the claim apart and reaffirm what was done to educate the worker on what was right or wrong with their decision.
  9. I generally am not in favor of filing for 15 items at once, unless you have medical diagnosis and the medical literature that supports the direct or secondary service connection requirement. BroncoVet gave good information I can support. You are suffering, but a a good claim is all about medical diagnosis and reasonable medical causation. Take your time, continue the appeal, and make sure every issue has the diagnosis and nexus for service connection. .........
  10. If he doesn't know how to file a claim online. First he can call 1-800-827-1000 and request a intent to file. That gives him one year to get medical information together. Next, he can contact the local American Legion, DAV, VFW, etc for assistance. They will submit the original paperwork to get the process going. Remember Caluza standard. This is the way claims are decided. 1. Inservice incident 2. Current diagnosis of sickness or injury 3. Nexus statement or continuity of treatment for issue. Good Luck.
  11. That's a very long wait, Deedub. 90 plus days is a long wait, but the pandemic is affecting everything. Good Luck.
  12. Waiting on a C&P exam for bone spurs (left elbow), back pain, and tinnitus. What is the average wait time for exams looking like.
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