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  1. Service connected for Achilles Tendinosis (tears in Achilles Tendon). I have been suffering with foot pain for 36-40 months. I want to file a claim for Chronic Pain (in foot) secondary to service connected Achilles. Has anyone filed a claim for chronic pain? All information is appreciated.
  2. Is the BVA Search Decisions working? Anyone else having trouble looking up prior decisions.
  3. I don't think he suffers from Migranes; however I think he suffers from sinus headaches. I think sinus headaches or cluster headaches can be rated as analogous (similar to migrane headaches). The closest rating code is 8100.
  4. Co worker service connected for chronic sinusitis and rhinitis. Wants to file for sinus headaches secondarily to chronic sinusitis. Has anyone seen this done under rating code 8100? All comments are appreciated.
  5. I hope this isn't the case. Claims and appeals should be based on evidence.
  6. Are Nasal Retention Cysts the same as Nasal Polyps. Group member service connected for Sinusitis and CT scan shows Nasal Retention Cysts. Can they be claimed secondarily to Sinusitis?
  7. Patience, Mover 1993. This VA process is no ways fast or expedient. Use your free time perfecting your claim. EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE. Take a few minutes everyday to make sure the regional office has all the prerequisite evidence. Read Hadit.com and BVA decisions to get an idea of how claims are successfully won. Hopefully, you will be service connected and rated, but if not be ready with a plan of action if denied. NEVER GIVE UP...............
  8. Patience. The BVA granted service connection and now the issue will be reviewed to determine a disability rating. Depending on the issue and evidence, you might be rated without a C&P exam. If not, they will schedule you for a exam and then properly rate you. NEVER GIVE UP
  9. I agree taking other measures might be better. The best lesson I learned, is not to add extra "dead time" to the claim. Reconsiderations, multiple appeals at regional office, etc. After the first denial, I would perfect the claim (evidence which disputes denial) and go directly to the BVA. This is just my opinion, but if they failed to read or consider evidence the first time, then I wouldn't expect them the second go around to do better.. NEVER GIVE UP......
  10. Post the denial and let the members chime in. Redact personal information...... NEVER GIVE UP
  11. Interesting dynamic, but not too uncommon. I would use the information found in the medical record to directly contradict the reason for denial. Example- Hand issue. If the VA is stating no current hand issue or current disability attributable to military service, this information would be helpful. Consider visiting a specialist for the current hand issue and let him review the new information found in your military records. After an exam of the current issue, ask him to opinion the likely hood of the current issue with or caused by the in service incident. 1. In service incident or similar/like sickness or injury. 2. Current injury or sickness diagnosed by verifiable means (X ray, MRI, CAT Scan, nerve test, blood work, etc.) 3. Continuous treatment since leaving military (records) or nexus statement connecting current injury/sickness to military service. NEVER GIVE UP
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