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  1. I am constantly thinking of ways to help new/old veterans understand the VA system. I am steadfast against filing everything and seeing what sticks. BAD ADVICE............... Evidence wins claims. Do it the right way. Most terms are foreign and hard to understand. I'm putting a list of the top 20 things to be done before submitting a claim. I NEED YOUR HELP............ I am asking posters to leave a simple word/sentence of advice to veterans filing their first claim. I think it would be worthwhile. I will start off. 1. Get your mili
  2. I appreciate the reply BrokenSoldier. So let me make sure I understand. 1. Login to VA.gov 2. I can upload to VA.gov a supplemental claim. 3. The claim will appear on VA.gov after 24 hours. 4. I will receive a confirmation after uploading?
  3. Thanks BrokenSoldier244. Once its uploaded, will I receive a confirmation? Will it show on ebenefits? is there a tutorial on uploading to ebenefits?
  4. With Covid-19 present and many veterans not having access to a VSO. Veterans are still having to find ways to submit paperwork/claims. I know you can direct mail or hand deliver to a regional office. However for expediency, can you direct upload Supplemental Claims? a. how b. confirmation after upload c. shows on ebenefits All information is welcomed.
  5. The VA workers are on a time schedule or perhaps better stated as a production schedule. Each claim is a individual child. Only send information relevant for each claim. Sending excess paperwork slows the process for you. I wish I knew this information when I initially filed 20 plus years ago. 1. Get your medical file and notate all sick call visits (diagnosis). IMPORTANT 2. After you have notated diagnosis/injuries, visit a doctor. If the injury/sickness still hampers/bothers you get a test to measure the disabling effects. VERY IMPORTANT 3. Tell you
  6. How are C&P Exams conducted for Tinnitus, PTSD, Migranes, Anxiety, TBI (non blunt nature), and Depression? If a formal DBQ, cant be used for rating purposes, how is the contracted doctor supposed to get the information in a 30-60 minute evaluation? Review the entire medical file, look at office notes, DBQ (but dont consider all information), ask veteran questions, etc? Or maybe they look at the medical information and then consider all facts in determining service connection. Then the Regional Offices determine ratings. Right? Wrong? I would love to kno
  7. I'm a little confused. Is he saying they awarded the service connection however they missed the EED. Is the Supplemental Claim for the early effective date? Like I said if the VA wanted to contest the issue of unable to properly execute"duty to assist" they should have done that when determining service connection. Now that they service connected the issue and awarded 20%, it would be hard arguing the point after you awarded service connection based on submitted records and now receiving records to help determine the early effective date. He has a great leg t
  8. I am going to be the contrarian. Could the VA argue they couldn't execute the "duty to assist" rule due to them having no knowledge of personal records while the military member was on leave from active duty? Its a bonafide argument, but that card probably would have been played before they service connected the neck issue at 20%. It seems you have a good leg to stand on regarding the EED.
  9. Think positive. 38 CFR 3. 156 (c) is direct and powerful. Since you are now service connected for the neck at 20%, what about appealing the EED to the BVA. It seems you have a good leg to stand on.
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